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08-03-2012, 11:42 AM
All The Love In The World
This campaign has reached its goal and will receive all of the funds contributed by Fri Sep 07 at 11:59PM PT


This is a Funding/Pre-order Campaign for my book... For 650 days, in 44 countries, on 6 continents I photographed love hearts to bring you and every citizen of our beautiful globe ALL THE LOVE IN THE WORLD.

The purpose of this campaign is to gather enough pre-orders of the book so I can then print 500 copies. There are many levels of funding options in which you can support my project. Each level includes its own perks/presents eg. copies of the book, canvases of your favourite love heart photo and even a woven rug printed with your selecton of love heart photographs from this very loving book.

This is a perfect Wedding/Engagement/Anniversary present, wedding guest book (each guest can sign in their favourite love heart), birthday gift, unique coffee table book, a gift for your special love, Christmas present, design study book or a travel photography book with a difference..... it's for ya Mumma, ya Brother, ya Sista, ya Bubba, ya Grandpa, ya Gramma, ya Bestie and ya Lover!

Your loved ones deserve ALL THE LOVE IN THE WORLD :)

I noticed at the beginning of this epic voyage around the world, that I was photographing certain "Things" no matter what city I was in. These "Things" included interesting house numbers, intriguing windows and sewer plates. The most prominent of all the "Things" or "Collections" was Love Hearts. So every country, every city, every town I journeyed to I was on the lookout for Love Hearts in all shapes and forms.

There are over 800 individual love hearts on the cover of the book. This was the most time consuming part of the book design process, individually framing each heart in every loved up photograph, to a specific size.
The CoverThe Cover

ALL THE LOVE IN THE WORLD will be printed in a run of 500 copies at the size of 27.5 x 27.5cm (11 x 11in), 160 Pages (80 double spreads), Hardcover, matte finish to the cover and interior pages.

Each page features the name of the city and country the photograph was taken in, using a different font to suit each image. There are a total of 181 individual fonts utilised in the book.

Jesse Hunter
08-04-2012, 03:10 AM
Hi Crowdfunders!!!

I am the author/photographer of this book, ALL THE LOVE IN THE WORLD, and currently running the campaign. The campaign will be continuing for another 35 days, so please feel free to share the link on fb, twitter and email :)

This has been a fast moving campaign and very exciting to run!

If you have any questions, comments or thoughts please share them, love hearing feedback :)

Big Love to ALL!!! xx


08-04-2012, 08:39 AM
I love the idea. Good for you. Seems like you are going to likely hit your goal. Why did you originally set out on this trip? Did you know at the time you would be creating this book or any book for that matter? I'm sure you saw a lot!

Jesse Hunter
08-04-2012, 09:29 PM
Hi Fundordie!

My initial funding goal has been raised but I have set a new goal of $10 000.

I didn't plan on making this book by any means. I found when I began my 650 day world trip that i was photographing certain things a lot, the most prominent being Love Hearts. So I continued collecting and collating these for the entire 650 Days, not really knowing why, I just did :) And very organically this book was born with wanting to make an extra special git for a close friend's wedding I missed, towards the end of my travels.

I actually have another book ready to be published and another 2 ideas i'm toying with at the moment :) But my favourite is this book. I think it is the strongest concept of all the ideas I've thought of.

Certainly I did see a lot and hope to share more with you lovely folk who might be interested over the next few years :)

Thanks for your interest mate!

Lelocks Trent
08-05-2012, 04:09 PM
Nice project Jesse. Have you ever published any other books?

Jesse Hunter
08-06-2012, 03:49 AM
Thank you Trent :) I have another book already made and another I'm currently working on. But no others have been published. I've been a fashion and graphic designer in the past but I'm really enjoying the publishing game right now. Do you have any projects out there yourself??