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12-18-2012, 10:05 AM
There is no doubt that 2012 has been the breakout year for crowdfunding, both equity based and non equity based. 2013 is surely to send crowdfunding to the forefront of financing conversations. Here are the top grossing 2012 crowdfunded campaigns!

Pebble Smart Watch
Platforms: Kickstarter
Total raised: $10.2 million
The Pebble smart watch is the most successfully-crowdfunded product to date, with nearly 70,000 backers on Kickstarter. Even the watch's makers probably didn't think such success was possible. This project was by far the most funded out of any in 2012.

Platforms: Kickstarter
Total raised: $8.6 million
When Ouya launched its campaign, few had even heard of the oddly named video game console. Within 24 hours, however, that had changed. An entire ecosystem is already out there surrounding an entirely new business model. There are sites liek Ouyaforum.com popping up each day

Star Citizen
Platforms: Kickstarter and IgnitionDeck
Total raised: over $7 million
In the video game industry, few people are as recognized as Chris Roberts, so when he announced a new title was in the works, it’s no surprise people paid attention. )

Project Eternity
Platforms: Kickstarter and PayPal donations
Total raised: $4.3 million
When it comes to running a flawless crowdfunding campaign, Obsidian Entertainment may just take the cake for its Project Eternity Kickstarter page.

Reaper Miniature Bones
Platforms: Kickstarter
Total raised: $3.4 million
Reaper gave its backers a choice: help grow the line relatively slowly by reaching the $30,000 goal, or make its popularity explode by hitting stretch goals.

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12-21-2012, 09:03 PM
It is a good list of crowdfunding projects. I love crowdfunding so this list is very helpful to me.