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08-04-2012, 09:54 AM
Pirate Goblins Box Set
This campaign will receive all of the funds contributed by Sat Sep 01 at 11:59PM PT.


I'm launching a new range of miniatures, they are all unique fantasy miniatures with an Old School appeal.

I decided to launch this range by giving miniatures fans everywhere the opportunity to have access to some rather new miniatures, with original designs made by great and renowned sculptors.

The first box set will be a 5 miniatures set featuring 5 pirate goblins designed by Kev "goblinMeister" Adams (who else could do old school goblins better than him).

Do you Want Some ?I already commissioned Kev "goblinMeister" Adams to work on the greens of the miniatures. The work has already begun and you will see here some pictures of the first ones as soon as they are made.

Here is a Work in Progress of the first one that will be in the box set :

Pirate Goblin Green

The next step, when Kev will have finished the 5 miniatures wiil be to have a master mould and production moulds made to have the miniatures cast in pewter. The slot for having the moulds made are reserved so I'm sure that the deadline (end of october) is the real one.

The funds collected are to cover design and production costs, and to offer you, the possibility to have these nice miniatures in exclusivity and at a reduced price.

Even If I dont collect enough money to cover all the costs the miniatures wiil be produced and the funders will receive their miniatures in small plastic bags (no card box). The only drawback will be that it will take me more time to expand the range as I'll have to have collected enough money to commission some more scuplts.

All orders are expected to be shipped by the end of october 1012.

Goals & Objectives

Here are the main goals for this project.

Goal 1

If I manage to receive enough support (the $2,500 goal) then the project will be successfull and I will begin working on some new miniatures to expand the range further. Pirate dwarfs being the next ones.

As this is the minimum for me to cover all the costs of the operation when we will attain this goal I will add a free miniature with each complete set.

At this level of funding each complete set (perk of $30 or more) will have the goblin captain miniature included at no additional cost !

Pirate Goblin Boss

goal 2

If I manage to collect $5,000 then each miniature will be provided with a round 25mm resin scenic base instead of a bland plastic slotta base. This will apply to all perks containing miniatures, even the random one. All complete sets will then be in a collectable card box with exclusive art.

From this point the box set wil include your name (or nickname) as a supporter and will be signed by me.

I'll add to this a set of 6 exclusive green 6 sided dice with a pirate goblin head on one side (design to come) !

I need some Help !

To be successful this campaign need to be relayed in many places. For this to happen I'm counting on you to help spread the word around you.

Even if you don't have any direct interest in these miniatures, or if you cannot afford to support the effort financially, It will be greatly appreciated that you spread the word around (on your blogs, on forums, everywhere you may see fit, but please no spam) !

If you need a banner for your website or have any question don't hesitate to contact me !

This project is just the beginning of, what I hope will be a whole new range of nice miniatures for your gaming tables, by supporting this project you will give me the opportunity to develop for you some good and really unique miniatures !