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08-07-2012, 10:54 AM
The Sci-Com 3000 for iPhone
This project will only be funded if at least $50,000 is pledged by Thursday Sep 6, 5:08am EDT

Sci-fi Just Got Real
Unleash your iPhone's true potential with the Sci-Com 3000 from Sci-Fact Design! The unique, patent pending design turns your iPhone into a true, Sci-fi wrist communicator. Just place your iPhone 4 or 4s in the case and slide and lock it onto the mount. The light but sturdy Velcro adjustable band allows you to wear your Sci-Com on your wrist, or on your arm. The special slide and lock design allows quick and easy access to your iPhone without removing it from its protective case. The case projects out and upward, so you can pivot your iPhone nearly 90 degrees. It makes a great platform for capturing photos and taking or watching videos. For those frustrated with the iOS touchscreen keyboard, the Sci-Com 3000S comes with a backlit Bluetooth keyboard built into the case itself. Text, tweet and e-mail confidently and in style.
http://s3.amazonaws.com/ksr/assets/000/100/151/b0e355005ffdfc66cb49397da70f9e67_large.png?1344198 872

http://s3.amazonaws.com/ksr/assets/000/093/337/56f3b48daced88a9b59c2157cd58cb51_large.png?1343771 405
Not a smartwatch, a geniuswatch
-Smartwatches are great, but no smartwatch comes close to being able to do what an iPhone can do on the Sci-Com 3000.
-There are thousands of clock apps in the App Store, so the Sci-Com 3000 is a better, more personalized watch than any smartwatch.
-Watch YouTube, Netflix or Hulu, play Angry Birds, upload pictures to Instagram, tweet and update your Facebook status all on your wrist with the Sci-Com 3000. No smartwatch can do that.
-A smartwatch still needs to sync with a phone, so it does not make using your iPhone any more convenient. Never worry about weak Bluetooth signals and lag from the Sci-Com 3000. And why pay a lot more for a smartwatch that does less than the Sci-Com 3000?

http://s3.amazonaws.com/ksr/assets/000/093/321/ceeb7252a2b476a435144dd30defda75_large.png?1343770 953
Not an iPhone, a Sci-fi communicator
-The Sci-Com 3000's patent pending design makes it easy to quickly slide off your iPhone to answer or make calls. It looks cool in speaker mode if you hold your wrist up to your mouth like they do in Sci-fi movies and video games. You can keep it on the mount at your wrist and turn it inwards and raise it to your ear to talk on the phone like a Secret Service agent. It also works great with Bluetooth headsets, so you can talk however is most comfortable for you.
-Siri really adds some Sci-fi flavor to the iPhone. The Sci-Com 3000 makes it quicker than ever to access Siri, or IMDB and Wikipanion for quick answers to those random late night questions.
-Apple's FaceTime or Skype allows video conversations right from your wrist with the Sci-Com 3000.
-The Sci-Com 3000S's backlit Bluetooth keyboard fixes the #1 complaint people have with their iPhones: the touchscreen keyboard. Now, you will never miss a key as you type naturally on a physical keyboard with actual buttons. Make your iPhone the perfect communicator for any situation.

Not just an iPhone case, the ultimate iPhone case
-You spent a lot of money on your iPhone, so do not lose it at the bottom of your purse or drop it by accident. Never miss a call with the Sci-Com 3000. It is the safest, easiest and coolest way to hold your iPhone.
-Keep your iPhone securely in its case. Unlike existing armbands and cases that provide security or ease of access, but not both, the Sci-Com 3000 does it all. There is no need to ever remove your iPhone from its protective case.
-Many people use armband cases during exercise, but it is difficult to use your iPhone when it is inside one, and not easy to get it out when a call comes in. The Sci-Com 3000 is the perfect way to secure your phone during vigorous physical activity. It is also perfect for quickly accessing your phone to answer a call or for selecting the right workout tune.
-We are also including a free clip mount with every Sci-Com 3000. Simply slide and lock the case onto the clip mount. Perfect for belts, pockets, bags and purses when you do not want to wear the wristband. You can easily unlock and slide it off the clip mount to access the phone, all without having an ugly clip built into your case.
-The Sci-Com 3000 is actually a whole system to protect and hold your iPhone. We are developing other mounts that will work just as quickly and easily with the Sci-Com 3000 cases, so stay tuned. The Sci-Com 3000 is the last iPhone case you will ever want or need.

Sc-Fact Design
08-07-2012, 12:55 PM
I want to thank the Admin for creating this thread for us. We at Sci-Fact Design are very excited about the Sci-Com 3000 and hope that you will check out our video on YouTube or the Kickstarter page. The video is a fun way to see the Sci-Com 3000 in action.
There is also a nice article up about us at ThinkiOS:
Please, spread the word and let us know what you think.
Thank you for your time.

08-07-2012, 01:16 PM
Great idea!

Here's a suggestion: When using my iPhone to take videos, I always wish there was a place on it for my camera tripod.
Maybe you could integrate that with an easy detachment of the wrist band? I believe it's a 3/8-16 screw size.