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01-12-2013, 09:31 PM
Breakthrough in Bookselling
Several leading Dutch publishers wanted the manuscript, but author P/C Holleman decided different. He sells his novel direct! Using internet!



'The product' is a very remarkable novel. It shows the reader a very beautiful, but very different world. It challenges to think outside the box. It inspires.

Claudia Ravn, the American editor of the English version, about the book:

‘The story is exciting in its own right and needs to be discussed in such a way that more people will want to read the book. The story has a multi faceted and multi level series of ideas flowing together. The past, the present, religious ideas and conflicts. Control methods using fear and conquest, respect for the individual verses a total lack of respect for human lives and nature. All of these and much more are woven thru the story along with the underlying personal gender issues and ideas about our eternal cosmic essence or spirit that returns to this earth to live again and to reap the consequences of our actions. This is the subtle idea I love best in the story. It is the wake-up call for all to be more aware of our impact on the planet.

One person can make a difference; especially when that one person invites and excites others to get involved in making a difference and solving the many politically based mysteries that are causing so much stress and confusion in everyone’s daily lives'.

And it is addictive; many readers read it in two days! (308 pages).

The Storyline:

Paul Janssen, a Dutch scientist, attends a climate seminar in Southern France. Which is held in a renovated middleage castle. Paul decides to go for a walk. It's dark ouside, and an amazing starlit sky welcomes him. There, in that garden, the story starts. In a vision he meets a soulmate, a woman. Who lived there in the middle ages. She invites him to go back with her; back to 1145. And through her eyes he discovers that very beautiful, challenging, eye-opening, inspiring world.

Currently 'The product' is available in Dutch and English. Hopefully many translations, and a movie to follow. E-book and other versions will be available on the new website. In the Netherlands the paperback version is sold for Euro 14,90 (incl. postage).


For the moment there are the Dutch and English speaking markets. The idea is to find/appoint people per country/region for internet promotion and for packing and forwarding. Shouldn't be difficult. And other languages/countries will follow...

If my plan works out, hopefully, the income will allow me to (co)finance the creation of the world that I intuďtily discovered while writing the book! That's my ultimate goal! An inspiring example of how we can live here.. In this Cosmic Wonder. Naturally, this will boost the (global) sales further!
Marketing and Sales

"Internet marketing" is the key. And "Trying to change the World" is the message; spreading Awareness.

And since the complete conventional system (publisher, bookseller) has been removed, the margin is 'considerable'; allowing internet marketing!!

My idea is to launch a social media campaign, first in the Netherlands, distributing 1,000 copies by 'social payment' (spreading the news using Facebook and Twitter). That should boost the sales.

Furthermore, a new professional, internationally orientated, website should be launched, with the possibility of purchasing e-book etc.

Associates in English speaking countries to be appointed. Printing of translatiions will be local.

Setting up an international affiliate system.

Let's talk money. For the paperback version the costs for printing and postage for the Netherlands are approx. 5 euro. Selling price is 14,90. So gross profit is roughly 10 euro/book!

Costs for e-book are nihil, once protection software is purchased.

Should I say more?