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08-07-2012, 02:18 PM
Bubbles - free mobile web, search and trading platform
Equity Offered: 6%


Product(s) and/or Service(s)
Bubbles aims to provide a free mobile web, search and trading platform that allows companies to instantly monetise their content.

For websites that were originally created for access via a PC or laptop Bubbles is creating a free conversion service delivering a fully optimised mobile web eCommerce solution, b2b and b2c. It will include a ‘natural language’ search and matching marketplace with a simple one step order and purchasing facility.

Through social media sites companies, even members of the public, will be able to list any item via a link (or QR code as required) with buyers able to purchase – with one click – and without the need to register!

For people wishing to find items the Bubbles proprietary matching algorithm will create a search service that dramatically improves on the accuracy and speed at which people and companies can find the things they want, need or desire.

Most significantly users will not be required to be online as they pursue their search since Bubbles will work in the background, allowing people to continue with their day, with responses delivered, ready to be reviewed anytime, anywhere and on any device. This means that a user will be able to start their search in the morning on one device, read, explore and learn on another, make amendments on yet another and always moving closer to finding the perfect match without having to start-stop-start-stop with new searches. We expect that it will be so efficient that through Bubbles satisfying a search – ie., achieving a purchase – will be achieved quicker than via ‘instant search’.

For the rapidly growing mobile based user Bubbles will deliver a fast, simple and comfortable user experience, which will include (on ALL devices) a wealth of functions such as the means to compare products against each other, find specific features, set and limit price levels, locations and product types (such as secondhand vs new goods, green/environmentally friendly, charity etc) or simply buy from a specific source. These are known as a users ‘preference settings’.

Intended Impact
Bubbles aims to improve the user experience, finding, learning about and buying products whether at home, work or on the move. This will be especially significant for the millions who now use mobiles to access websites and the 70% of users (source: Mobileweb Company) who abandon purchasing because to see any detail on a website (ie., one not optimised for mobiles) they are required to ‘pinch and zoom’. With Bubbles everything will be clearly visible without the need to ‘pinch and zoom’. Ultimately Bubbles aims to improve peoples’ ability to find what they want by being simpler, faster, easier, safer and better.

Simpler - our approach to search that focuses solely on delivering matches to what people want, nothing more nothing less

Faster - we focus on achieving the objective, overall in less time and with less effort

Easier - the ability to learn about products (ie., shopping) with no complicated processes and without having to wade through many unfamiliar websites

Safer – users will have access to 3 ratings for every item; user, product and listing validation. These will provide a complete overview of the product and who is selling it.

Better - Bubbles will be designed to compliment a users modern, mobile but busy lifestyle by cutting the shackles of having to remain online to conduct and fulfill a search.

Substantial Accomplishments to Date
We have created a working prototype for PC, tablet and now mobile. The site and service is in beta with on-going improvements, upgrades and new modules being added on a day by day basis.

The live and fully functioning version of Bubbles is planned to be launched in November 2012.

Monetisation Strategy
Bubbles plans to charge a small commission fee where a successful match concludes with a sale. Whilst adding content will be free users will have the ability to pay a micro fee to supplement their information with an ‘enhanced entry’ (ie., more detail with more images).

Since the objective is always to create the best prospects for a sale the fee would be refunded if the enhanced entry is subsequently sold. The Bubbles’ refund policy is designed to encourage sellers to enhance their information which in turn aides buyers and their needs being matched as accurately as possible to the best possible product. We believe that utilising the matching analysis tools (via the dashboard) will help sellers improve match rates.

Other potential revenue streams may include; commercial membership packages (with advanced dashboard, more management tools, superior match analysis etc), the ability to track and respond to specific or complex searches (called qIS – quest Interrogation Service), extended product lifecycle, trend analysis reports and some advertising.

In total Bubbles plans to have 7 distinctive revenue streams, one of which includes a subscription fee for corporate membership.

08-07-2012, 03:58 PM
Didn't know about Seedrs. Looks like a pretty nice site, too bad it's only UK based!