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07-14-2012, 03:39 PM
OpenROV - The Open Source Underwater Robot (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/openrov/openrov-the-open-source-underwater-robot)THIS PROJECT WILL BE FUNDED ON WEDNESDAY AUG 1, 2:59AM EDT.

OpenROV is an open source robotic submarine designed to make underwater exploration possible for everyone. It's also an online community of professional and amateur ROV (remotely operated vehicle) enthusiasts on OpenROV.com (http://openrov.com/).
The Goal: to inspire and enable anyone to become a DIY Ocean Explorer. We believe in the power of open source communities to create amazing tools and experiences. This is an invitation to become a co-developer of the OpenROV project.
Important Note: The OpenROV Kit is a perfect introduction into the world of underwater exploration, but at this point it is very much a product for makers/developers. It's a blast to play with, but you should be ready to tinker with it. The kit involves soldering, gluing, and wiring of electronics.
The ROV is the brainchild of Eric Stackpole (@eerrp) who wanted an easy way to explore a cave that was rumored to contain sunken treasure near his home.
Pretty soon, a small team of interested onlookers began contributing to the design. The community grew to include beginner, amateur and professional engineers and scientists from over 50 countries. As the community grew, so did the proposed uses of the ROV - from pollution monitoring in streams to species identification in Antarctica. The uses are only limited by your imagination
http://s3.amazonaws.com/ksr/assets/000/050/513/a301f2b8ca4d1df09af62c5ffef7208b_large.jpg?1341011 035
The OpenROV is 30cm long, 20cm wide, and 15cm tall. It weights approximately 2.5kg and has been designed to go to depths of up to 100m