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01-27-2013, 11:02 AM
Dear forum members and guests,

01-02-2013 We will start a campaign on Indiegogo.com called: Boltform - The lightning powered form builder!
True this forum and social media we would really appreciate your support in meeting our funding goal.
But off course you might ask: what are you guys about?


About Boltform

Well, where should we start? Boltform is a fresh designed and developed form builder that combines the power and features you already know from other competitors. But we’ve added lightning power to our service. Boltform is easy to use and (almost) built for everyone. Whether you are a student trying to set up a survey or a corporate business that likes to know how their customers think but don’t want to send out boring and poorly designed surveys that cost big-money. We know the feeling! But what if you are a developer that need some rapid prototyping? We got it. Or a web designer that needs a custom build form without playing around whit loads of PHP and CSS! For all the reasons you can think of we have (possibly) a solution.

But we are no super-humans and therefore we’ve build in the form-system a feedback function to request your new favorite features for free! You might ask. Why we did it? How we did it? And what it all costs? We say: try us and get wowed by the experience. It’s free! When we reach the Indiegogo.com goal (you get your perks) and when the complete service is finished. We will bring Boltform to you, unlimited and totally free for one year!


Why are you guys in Indiegogo.com?

To realize our goals and make all the pro features affordable, we placed Boltform as a project on Indiegogo.com. Our team has put in a lot of work and creativity into designing Boltform. To keep building new features and get our service up and running we love to get your support! When we reach the Indiegogo.com goal we will bring Boltform to you, unlimited and totally free for one year! (If you backed the project from €25,- / start- subscription 365 days) Check out the Indiegogo.com/Boltform website to see all the rewards you get when funding our project and become one of our backers! Our goal total is €50.000, - and we use fixed funding.

Your funds will be put in good use! In return you get a well-designed and coded service. That took many hours to create and even more to come. To make the service cheap, fast and hopefully the best in the world, we need your support! In return you get fame and awesome perks...

Special!!! Did you know? That if Boltform is funded by 4000% or if you buy the platinum package (€1000000,-) we make the whole Boltform project open source! (MIT license) Including our designs and other features.


We will support a wide array of features and options. Since we are still in development mode we did not unlock all features. Things we have available, working on, and who will become available the next coming weeks/months are: Blog Support, Learning center, Drag & Drop, Pro functions, Dashboard, Form in form, Data collection, Survey plus, Rapid prototyping, Data import/export, Theme editor, and much more… Is there something missing? Send your feedback and/or request in the Boltform system and we will work on the issue and/or make the feature available to your liking (if enough votes are given). With the Bolt-subscription you even get development time for special requested features and implementations.

For more information please go to:
Indiegogo http://www.indiegogo.com/Boltform
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/Boltform
Twitter http://www.twitter.com/Bolt_form
YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/boltconceptseu

“With Boltform you can focus on building a great experience instead of working out the controls and options. We worry about that! It is our mission to build a user friendly and intuitive system that grows with your expectations...” Thank you. Boltform