View Full Version : How can I make (almost) everyone happy? Also, how can I appeal cross-category?

01-31-2013, 11:35 AM
So I just started my first Kickstarter campaign and it is doing relatively well (see: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/farocards/the-hedge-bicycle-playing-card-deck?ref=activity). But I'm having two distinct issues:

1. A few people are complaining about the back of the card. This is kind of a tough issue. For one, the back took forever to do and is casino quality (as is the rest of the deck). Second, it's REALLY tough to discern whether this is a widely held view, or just the view of a minority of funders. I am fairly open to insult because I think it generally has the potential to make things better. So I've offered a compromise: put it to a vote. I've worked painstakingly on new ideas that fit within the design and and currently waiting for the producer to approve the alternative design (because I want to ensure quality and actually get the desk out on time). However, it just occurred to me that this may be a lose-lose. I mean, if the back is hugely unpopular and I change it, everyone is happy and maybe I get more pledges. But if it's around 50/50 (like I expect), I may actually LOSE pledgers who are unhappy with the alternative. I value people's input, so I don't just want to ignore it, but this has created a little bit of an issue. Should I alienate people by NOT putting it to a vote. Or should I potentially alienate people because it changed?

2. In addition to my deck, I also have screen printed posters, maze books, and American Apparel T-shirts. However, it seems that 85% of my backers are custom card deck collectors and they don't care about posters and t-shirts. Unlike a lot of campaigns I've put a lot of time and money into this other stuff. It's all REALLY high quality (which is code for expensive to manufacture). I've already put the posters in my house and they look AWESOME. But they're not really for the "typical" card collector. They're actually quality stand alone products on their own. But they're in the wrong category to be considered as such. So is it possible to attract people who aren't "card people" to look at my project for the other stuff WITHOUT alienating the card people?

Sorry this is so long. I REALLY want this to be as awesome as it can be. Any suggestions are appreciated.

02-10-2013, 03:30 PM
Hi Faro,

I've workd on promoting 2 successful projects (EternalCase & Magic Wallet) and may tell you for sure - the changes are not very good for you as project starter: you simply get more work. That the answer for the 1st question.

For the 2nd one - I may advice you cross promotion: you do post and update about Magic Wallet & Magic Wallet tells its backers about you. This is win-win strategy. If you agree - just write me back.

Also if you want (if you like cross promotion idea) on hitting 500 backers mark you may enter in our cross promotion network - where wauthors agree to promote each other new project.

02-10-2013, 04:26 PM
Also you may check the poll results about backer’s attitude to cross promotion in one of my project’s updates here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/952731033/eternalcase-metal-case-for-flash-drive-and-other-s/posts/366207