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08-10-2012, 08:54 AM
Red Advertising Ltd
Investment target: 100,000
Equity offered: 10%


Red Advertising Ltd owns and operates a network of 47 job websites with an organic candidate reach of over 1 million candidates a month. In addition Red owns the low cost multi posting technology provider www.jobmate.co.uk (http://www.jobmate.co.uk) which is integrated into every UK job board and a number of European websites.

The business is now positioned to accelerate growth in order to maximise shareholder value. We have an established work force and superb products. Our clients include major brand names such as Somerfield, United Biscuits, Virgin Active, Bupa, Kimberly Clark and Many Others.

At the start of the year we raised some capital via the crowd to support the roll out of advanced technology. An ATS product with specialist advanced social footprint tools. This is a product which we believe is both market leading and a game changer within our space. The completion of the technical build has been significant. We have pre-orders for this technology but need to further bolster our cash flow position. The product is now ready for launch at the end of this month.

We need to make an impact in our market space with our advanced product lines before our competitors have time to react. We wish to significantly ramp up our sales and marketing operation with the addition of a number of additional sales execs and associated marketing support. As such we seek a further 100,000 to support this advancement.

In return for your financial support, Investors will receive Ordinary Share capital in the company. A shares with full voting rights plus we will provide you with Preference shares under the reward scheme to the same value of your investment redeemable at point of sale of the business.

Exit for shareholders will be via a trade sale. Red is currently working to increase this ultimate sale value in order to benefit its shareholders.

The business welcomes any questions from any potential investors.

The company qualifies for EIS for investments over 500.

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can i know aNY other method or nay other link to get for more details of you as the link you provided is unable to get opened on my server

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The link works fine.