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Jeff Fortin
08-10-2012, 02:06 PM
I am excited at sharing this project with you for your review and consideration. I am reaching out for paying it forward, and strangers helping strangers, even though we are connected in a social network, I am seeking your assistance with a creative fundraising campaign I listed on Kickstarter.com. Pledges begin at $10.00 and up and there are substantial rewards for various pledge levels. Check it out!

I am developing and writing a 10-volume, 10,000 page “Micropedia” on the US Presidency, for which I have completed 4,500 pages, and am seeking your pledge and sponsorship in helping me complete this work. The complete work can be reviewed on Kickstarter with the link below, and my website www.surfaway.com (http://www.surfaway.com).

Here is my Kickstarter Official Campaign:


This is my back project, from my current career objective, and is a labor of love for me. I am reaching out to you to review my Kickstarter fundraising campaign and seek your supporting my effort. We have been associated on LinkedIn in my professional capacity.

Kickstarter is a large crowdfunding platform for creative endeavors and is a way to bring creativity to supporters and I wish to share my work with you. I would like you to share my effort with your social network, and review my campaign, and support my effort. I appreciate your time, review and generosity.

08-11-2012, 11:33 AM
Wow Jeff, that's certainly one large project you have on your hands. I wish you all the luck, as you have certainly put in a ton of hours on this!