View Full Version : Rushy Springs Farm needs your help to build a commercial kitchen !

Jim Smith
08-12-2012, 09:28 AM
http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rushy springs/rushy-springs-farm-world-class-chile-sauces
I produce world class salt brine fermentation chile sauces from varieties of chilies that I grow myself on my chemical free farm in Tennessee. This is a labor intensive time consuming project from start to finish requiring constant attention from start to finish; and is an alchemical rocess similar to winemaking. I have been surprised to discover that draconian Tennessee regulations require me as an artisan producer to comply with the same regulations as the largest food factories. This requires me to produce in a commercial kitchen, the construction of which requires a capital expenditure way out of line with cash flow of my production level. Renting space in an existing certified facility is permissible, but because of the constant supervision necessary for this process and the fact that I grow my own chilies (most of which are unavailable on the market - and one of the best is only grown by me) this is impossible for me as a long term solution. An on site facility is essential for me to continue creating these amazing condiments.

I have set a goal of $16,180.00 for my Kickstarter proposal, but $40,000.00 is required to construct my ideal building and $25,00.00 for the minimum space possible. This does not include the purchase of necesarry equipment. So I am hoping for a considerably larger response.