View Full Version : EquityNet Publishes InfoGraph of US Equity Crowdfunding Statistics

02-18-2013, 12:58 PM
Here is a very informative infograph which was just published by a leading equity funding platform called Equitynet. The infograph is at the following link:

Some of the key statistics, which only relate to the EquityNet platform and not other equity crowdfunding platforms are the following:

- The Northeast US has the most equity crowdfunding activity
- Consumer products and Services are By far the largest segment of companies seeking funding
- Appox 50% of those seeking funding are seeking $500,000 or less
- Approx 60% of the pre-money vaulations of these companies seeking funding have valuations of over $1 million
- So far in 3013 The average pre-money valuation is about $5 million
- The Projected Liquidity event for over 60% of these companies is "Acquisition."
- Approx 50% of companies are either already profitable or expect to be within the nest year