View Full Version : Looking for suggestions on setting the amount of money to be raised

02-19-2013, 12:58 PM
First, here's the project:

Help Us Turn Pirates Into Fans!

200 million people share files every month. The record industry calls them “worse than pirates”. Would you like to help turn them into fans so that your favorite artists can make a living from their art? Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could turn them into paying fans?

Safe-Xchange is putting together an app to distribute on the file sharing networks that will give bands a chance to connect with the people who are sharing their files. Study after study shows that people who share files aren't really trying to steal, they just don't know how to connect with the bands they love. Once they do that, they are more than happy to buy everything from tracks to CDs to tickets- and the band has both real fans they can talk to and money coming in.

The app will run on both mobile devices and desktops, and will do video, audio, sales, and every other way we can find to connect fans and artists. You can be a key part in this by contributing to our crowd funding campaign.

We need to raise funding to build the app, we'll also need to pay an attorney so that we stay on the right side of the law! But the total amount to be raised in this effort is up in the air- it depends on who does the development and how long it will take before we're producing revenue.

Is it better to start with a relatively small amount- say $10K- so we get the full amount (we're going to use IndieGoGo) or try to cover the entire budget (could be as much as $100K)? What about a second raise?

Thanks for your ideas!