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08-13-2012, 09:47 AM
Gene Action
Investment target: £ 75,000
Equity offered: 10%


GeneAction - You can't change your Genes, but you can change your Life

Vision Inspire individuals to change their behaviour by understanding their personalised genetic risk for a specific disease. Enable the individuals to take action to reduce their personalised risk.

Business Idea License, then market specific genetic tests directly to targeted patients. Market treatments and services to those whose test results inspire them to take action.

Immediate opportunity - Commercialise Respiragene in the UK & ROI.

GeneAction has exclusive rights to market Respiragene in the UK to smokers who worry about lung cancer. Gene Action will also market products and services to smokers who wish to quit.

Respiragene is a mouth swab genetic test that characterizes smokers at Very High, High, or Moderate risk. The test is clinically proven, accurate and protected by patents granted or pending in the EU & USA. The test is saleable nowin most territories.

Business Potential Respiragene has potential to be the world’s largest selling genetic test as the target market numbers over 7millionsmokers in the UK. The business is profitable, scalable, expandable into new geographies and able to generate significant revenue over and above the one off test sale.

Opportunity Synergenz Bioscience has granted GeneAction an exclusive option to Respiragene in the UK & ROI. Test marketing has commenced via www.Gene-Action.com (http://www.Gene-Action.com).

GeneAction is seeking a cash investment from Crowdcube of £75,000 for a 10% equity share. The funds are to license Respiragene IP and execute the operational plan to take the company to scalable revenue position. From this position further funding for full retail and geographic expansion may be contemplated.

Key Executives

CEO Mr Michael Munley has two decades of global senior experience in this market as a much of this time as Director at GlaxoSmithKline.

CMO Dr Robert Young the inventor of Respiragene will support GeneAction as Chief Medical Officer.

COO identified is a seasoned OTC and Rx General Manager with pharma and UK start up experience.

CFO identified is an experienced financial and business director with start up experience.

Exit strategy and timeframe within three years Gene Action will be a candidate for a trade sale.

The UK only base case shows revenues of over £4M in year 3. A trade sale at end of year 3 (at a multiple of 1.5) would value the business at £6M.
About Michael Munley

Michael Munley, Managing Director – Mike has 20 years of global healthcare expertise much of this gained while working as a Director at GlaxoSmithKline. He has led the global launches of new products and behavioral programmes that have helped over four million people stop smoking. He has worked with Key Opinion Leaders, NGOs, Governments and the medical establishment to promote evidence based smoking cessation interventions.

Mike was Chief Marketing Officer for Synergenz Bioscience when he realised the potential for GeneAction. Mike has worked exclusively on Gene Action since December 2010 securing competitive heads of terms, lab services supply, intellectual property protection, medical consultation services, fostering relationships with key opinion leaders and developing a comprehensive sales and marketing plan.