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08-13-2012, 08:55 AM
TwoTen - Easy to use service providing effective protection & guidance for younger children online.


Idea Details
Product(s) and/or Service(s)
We aim to provide a new generation of filtering products designed to protect younger children online and targeted at their parents, teachers and other responsible adults. It would combine highly-effective protection with guidance for the child, wrapped in a system so simple it ensures parents can have confidence in the product.

As well as being so simple to use that anyone can implement it, our system would have several advantages over legacy systems; we believe it would be the most effective in ensuring only age-appropriate content is available and would provide guidance when content requested is not available. TwoTen is designed to protect younger children (aged two to ten) meaning their needs are being taken into account, rather than those of older people.

Further, we believe that TwoTen is the only solution that is about "age-appropriate", rather than an adult/not-adult approach; material not suitable for a 7 year old includes material that is suitable for teenagers.

It's not about adult or not, it's about child or not.

Intended Impact
The recent parliamentary inquiry into online child protection confirmed anecdotal evidence that many parents find existing filtering solutions too complex to usefully implement and thus don't implement one; by providing a solution which is both highly effective and simple to use, we believe everyone will be able to properly protect their children from the day they start to use the Internet; we believe our solution will allow children to grow up in their own time and avoid having their growing up accelerated through encountering age-inappropriate material on the Internet.

Additionally by making an effective, easy to use solution available we think we can help defuse calls for government to mandate Internet censorship via the ISPs.

Substantial Accomplishments to Date
We have the core of the service working and are developing branding and marketing, we have created an initial website, have partnered with a mobile service provider, have one school signed up as a beta tester and are planning on signing up others in the future.

We also have two angel investors who have committed 40k between them, subject to final due diligence (outside of the money being raised on Seedrs).

Monetisation Strategy
Home, school and other customers would pay a subscription to access the service. The subscription level would be set relative to the pricing for related services (e.g. Internet access costs) on a country by country basis; UK consumer subscription would provisionally be set at 4/month.

Use of Proceeds
Increased development resource, support resource and marketing/business development spend. Any surplus would be channelled into international expansion.

Market Details
Target Market
The market is anyone with responsibility for younger children on the Internet. It is in 3 main parts: households with younger children (that is one or more children aged approx two to ten), primary schools and other institutions providing education services to that age group, and early years services providers (nurseries and childminders).

Characteristics of Target Market
UK numbers: There are 5.2m families in the UK with children aged 10 or under. There are approximately 22,500 schools serving the primary sector in the United Kingdom. There are nearly 96,000 nurseries and childminders.

We believe similar markets exist pro rata in most developed countries; there are also developing countries such as Brazil and India which are experiencing rapid growth in connected households - over a million people a month are getting connected in India.

The use of any kind of filtering by families in the UK is reported to be less than desired because of the complexity of implementing existing solutions.

Marketing Strategy
The schools and early years market would be reached via existing education ICT resellers and freelance sales people. Commission model would include the annual renewal, increasing incentives for the sales people.

The family sector would be reached with a mix of highly targeted advertising through mixed media publications and via online communities of parents, as well as through cross-selling opportunities with others addressing this market. It is expected that some household sales will be made via schools & early years providers, with incentives for those sales in an appropriate form e.g. group discount codes, rewards or straight commission (where organisation is allowed to benefit from this).

OEMs would be addressed through articles in the technical press, via membership of trade associations (e.g. Internet Service Providers Association) and through direct B2B business development.

International and special interest markets would be addressed via a mix of direct expansion, joint ventures and franchise.

Competition Strategy
TwoTen aims to focus on having well-developed branding and marketing for its target market. This strategy would be facilitated by our strong focus on the younger age groups. By frequently engaging in the online parenting communities we think we can reach the active parents early, creating evangelists. We would ensure our product range continues to develop to best fit our customers. Aggressive international expansion would hopefully be undertaken once there is sufficient capital available, strengthening the branding.

Additionally, by the provision of "white label" services to late entrants to the young age range sector, we expect TwoTen would be able to generate revenue from the competition.

08-14-2012, 09:08 AM
Basically they are valuing themselves at 700,000

Not sure if that's really worth it for a company that is barely established.

06-07-2015, 05:04 PM
yeah, I would like to see more details on Competition and marketing.