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Christopher Otto
08-13-2012, 03:23 PM
"Bark To The Future" collects a year's worth strips from the online comic strip, "A Dog's Life" into one beautiful book. We did an homage to that classic film, "Back To The Future", only ours revolves around a dog. I am looking to raise $700 to cover the cost of printing 50 copies of "Bark To The Future" in full color. The campaign ends on Thursday, August 23. Thanks for helping out!

My name is Chris Otto, and in 2010, I decided to sit down and reach for my dream of becoming a cartoonist. Although I was not an artist, I decided to go ahead and try to write and draw the comic myself. I got a few ideas for strips about my dogs, which blossomed into more ideas, and sat down and created "A Dog's Life"! The comic follows the shenanigans of my chocolate lab, Hunter S. Thompson, his adopted sister, Gillian, and many other dogs and other creatures.

One day a few months later, Ben Taylor, a friend I met at the Virigina Comicon, sent me a message; "Have you ever considered having a guest writer for your comic? I think I might have the inkling of an idea for a story arc..." I said, "Sure!" His reply; "Alright well I have 4 words for you....

'Bark to the Future.'"

I was sold.

We started posting the story in June 2011, and the story ended in July 2012. Ben wrote the first 150 strips, and I wrote the epilogue. This book will put the entire story into one collection for easy reading. Follow Hunter as he and Gillian are sent back in time by "Dog" Brown, an old friend of Hunter's. Trapped in 1999, they must find "Dog" Brown to help them figure out how they can get back to their own time and their people. Of course, things don't go smoothly. A gang of street dogs, Hunter's flighty mother, and many other obstacles stand in their way of getting bark....er...back to the future!

What We Need & What You Get

We really want to print the book in color, which drives up the printing price considerably. I am looking to raise $700 to cover the cost of printing 50 copies of "Bark To The Future" in full color. All money donated will go directly into printing the book. If our goal is exceeded, the extra funds will go towards shipping perks and printing additional copies of the book. If the goal is not met, all funds will go into printing the book, and I will cover the remainder.

The book itself will be at least 160 pages, collecting every strip from our "Bark To The Future" story line, plus some early character development sketches, fan art, "How To Draw Dog Brown", and a new original cover!

Why is this important to us?

This was a true labor of love by both Ben and myself. He wrote a fantastic story, and since I only had to draw the strips, it gave me time to really concentrate on improving the way I draw and color the strips. I grew tremendously as an artist over the course of the story, and really enjoyed drawing Ben's creative ideas! We are both quite proud of our work and want to spread it to as many people as we can, in the form it is meant to be read in; one collection of a long form story.

This book WILL be published with your help!


Chris Otto