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08-13-2012, 03:39 PM
Hi all !

First of all, sorry for my bad english :(


I works for Galhmac Game, a french indie game dev, on our first production : Exodus.
We're are 3 guys working hard for this particular game.

Exodus is a 2D plateform/Exploration (metroidvania) game for Windows, with oldschool gameplay mechanics, and HD native resolution (1920*1200). Musics are made by Yann Van Der Cruyssen (Saira, Block That Matter).

In Exodus, you take control of Zoulux or Ly'Sax, and go to discover a stange and vaste world. Their unique abilitie is to absorb Vital Energy from the fauna, or by exploring the world. With this, they'll be able to evolve differents skills (like double jump, more strengh, dash, etc), that changes the gameplay directly.

Here is some screenshots of the actual alpha build :




Main features :

- solo game proposing an opened world (regions of the game are cut in interconnected Hubs). The world is vast and various possibilities are offered to discovers it

- the game contains about 600 screens to discover.

- 2 playable characters (Zoulux and Ly’ Sax)

- 15 monsters and 4 Bosses for 4 Extractors

- simple and funny combat system: attack / defense / skills.

- Power Evolution: improve the basic attack, energy, the grapnel and the light!

- Skill Evolution : improve diverse attributes as the height of jump, Doubles jump, Charges, Stamina, etc. …

-Simple dialogue and mini–cutscenes system

-Metroid-like Mini-Map

- FMV for intro and outro !

- 30 Avent Pages to find !

- Sound track and Musics realized by Morusque (Cave Story Deluxe, Block That Matter 1 and 2, Saira, etc...)

You can test an Alpha version of the game for free here : (1Go file, EN/FR language)


If you're an ATI user, you'll not be able to launch the game actually. But you can use this temporary Dll Fix (just place it in /BIN/RELEASE) :


This could help, but not perfect. (really sorry for that, an incompatibility with sfml 1.6, or something like that, an update you'll coming soon). If the game encounter big lag with this dll fix, try to turn OFF the HD mode in the options, or play in windows mode.

To finish this post, you can found a gameplay footage of Exodus here :


Hope you'll give us a chance by trying it a little, and send us Feedbacks and comments, its really important to us.


Now Exodus is on Indiegogo for 40 days campaign !

Please check the campaign page here :


Thanks for you're time !