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Angela Bennett
08-14-2012, 03:01 AM
Hi All, I'm Angela @ NooSphereNow,

Thanks to the guys at Crowd Funding Forum for creating such a fantastic resource for indie projector's, and the funder's who love us! Rock on, forward thinkers :-)

We've got a project going through Indiegogo. It's called NooSphereNow, and it's a podcast/blog that focused on exploring and promoting positive change in our world. I've popped our video below, and our press release below that. The url for the fundraising is www.indiegogo.com/NooSphereNow and you can find us on facebook and twitter at NooSphereNow also. Follow us, tweet us, share us -- we'll do the same for you.

Before I sign off, I hope anyone who'd like to be considered for an interview on NooSphereNow should get in touch with me at angela@noospherenow.com. If you have a book, a movie, a project, or a cause that fits into the category of "making the world a happier, kinder, more cooperative, and safer place" for us and future generations, then let's talk!

And so, on to the video...



Why Hope And Change Is Still The Way

This New Podcast Explores The Mystery That Is Us, And Finds Our Future

PERTH, AUSTRALIA (date) Hope. And Change. These two energies "yin-yang" each
other in an endless dance, one creating the space for the other and neither able to
survive alone.

For the human species, in the present moment, there is an explosion in the energy of
Change. Technical and scientific breakthroughs, governments in flux, weather patterns
shifting, social structures melting like ice caps. The most positive Changes brandish
Hope front and center, but Hope is buried inside the most disturbing Change too.

NooSphereNow is a new Podcast and Blog that explores the Change happening around
us, and the Hope that those changes bring. The hosts, Angela Bennett and Leanne
Collins, weave together a wide range of fun and interesting topics, constructing a picture
of a present full of fascinating potential and a future that is as bright as we want it to be.

NooSphereNow's hosts playfully explore proven life balance and wellness strategies,
such as mindfulness practices, yoga, and meditation techniques, and even pushing
into more "new age" phenomena like Reiki, Chakras, hypnosis, and crystal healing. By
interviewing practitioners with a range of beliefs and techniques, NooSphereNow seeks
to demystify misconceptions and foster understanding. "The idea isn't to judge anyone
else's experience," says NooSphereNow Co-Host, Angela Bennett, "It's to encourage
people to have experiences, and judge for themselves if that technique was helpful for
them or not."

At first, a hippy, new age, mindfulness podcast doesn't seem to be a natural fit with
science and technology podcast. Angela tells me that, once you have an interest
developed in one area, the rest follows naturally. "Your mind begins to open to
new experiences, then you start realizing that your experience has a scientifically
quantifiable reality. With a heightened awareness of what is possible, comes an
awareness of what people are doing to effect change." says Angela, "Take one,
relatively simple new technology: the 3D printer. The ability to make any part for any
machine anywhere it's needed when it's needed, with no waste and no shipping... that
one development has an unfathomable ability to create change. It's fantastic."

NooSphereNow projects a vision of an exciting future, filled with less stress, fewer
problems, more cooperation and greater acceptance, and, above all, happier humans.

Who wouldn't want to Hope for that Change?
NooSphereNow is currently in pre-production, and gathering funds through
the crowdsourcing website Indiegogo. To read more about the project and
make a donation, please visit www.indiegogo.com/NooSphereNow



Angela Bennett


Tel: +61 431 633 420

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