View Full Version : Hot CrowdFunded Projects This Week - Zombicide, Skullgirls (Mar 4th)

03-04-2013, 07:54 PM
It seems as though every week the projects just keep getting better in the crowdfunding niche. Not only do we have almost three projects eclipsing the $100,000 mark, all which launched in the last 7 days, but many of these projects this week are quite innovative. Here is a rundown of this week's top seven newly launched projects with the most funding.

Zombicide: Season 2
The follow up to the hit boardgame of 2012! More Zombie action with tons of great miniatures and fast paced rules!
Zombies seem to be a tremendous hit this year. We have them on TVs, on the Big screen, action figures, and now board games. Who would have though Zombicide would already be approachign three quarters of a million dollars. The Zombie craze is on!
$670,690 Raised So Far

Keep Skullgirls Growing
Lab Zero Games needs funds to complete DLC characters for Skullgirls!
Squigly's funded, now onto Big Band! Half the staff of Lab Zero Games was laid off by the time the Skullgirls character Squigly was completed. If this project is funded, which it HAS BEEN! the new character will (is now) be free for everyone!
$297,985 Raised So Far

Original Grain: All-Natural Wood & Stainless Steel Watches
Made from 100% All-Natural Wood and Stainless Steel, Original Grain watches are designed for the OG in all of us. Stay Original.
Forget the possibility that Apple may be coming our with an iWatch sometime in the coming months, traditional classes watches still seem to be all the craze.
$97,133 Raised So Far

Loka: The World Of Fantasy Chess
Enter Loka, the world of fantasy chess - it's both the chess set you've always dreamed of and a new game by Alessio Cavatore!
We thought Chess was a dying sport, well, it looks like there are still a ton of fans of the mental intensive strategy game, $50,000+ worth!
$50,256 Raised So Far

Kymera Electric Jet Board
Kymera is the world's first Electric Jet Body Board! Now you can experience the water like never before and help save lives!
Think of it like a wave runner, but smaller, and for your body. What's next a Jet Wakeboard?
$46,954 Raised So Far

SOCCKET: The Energy-Harnessing Soccer Ball
Much more than a normal soccer ball, the SOCCKET is a portable generator that provides fun and power to those who play with it.
Users can take green energy to the max with this invention. It may not save the world from fossil fuels, but it will show people you are trying to make a difference.
$34,788 Raised So far

Bartendro - A Cocktail Dispensing Robot
Bartendro is a modular and open-source cocktail dispensing robot! This one is my favorite.
It can literally make one hundreds of drinks within seconds. This would be great for a restaurant, or just a house for house parties.
$20,839 Raised So Far