View Full Version : OneSec - An Instagram for one second videos

Vidar Andersen
08-15-2012, 09:46 AM
We're building an iPhone app that revolutionizes how you capture and share your experiences - your life - by changing the format to one second videos. Less is more. http://www.indiegogo.com/onesec


We love photography AND we love video. But shooting and editing good videos can be hard. Especially on a mobile phone. Long videos are also less instant than a still image. That's why we often end up shooting pictures instead of videos. But a static image can only contain so much information. Only so many emotions. Only so much of the ambience. And it has no sound.


That's why we created OneSec! It combines the simplicity and immediacy of pictures with all the advantages of video. OneSec makes shooting and sharing videos fun and simple by changing the format to one second shots! Like Twitter limits your tweet to 140 characters, OneSec limits your video to one second per shot. You then use the app to combine those shots into an awesome video.

As we're both self-employed developers, we just need a little bit of seed funding to ensure that we can focus 100% on making OneSec an awesome world-class app. We want you to get something out of this besides seeing decent folks succeed too, so we've lined up a variety of neat perks to suit your budget and fancy.