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07-16-2012, 10:32 AM
RA 3D printer controller by Elefu


What is RA? RA is a cutting edge 3D printer controller board made by Elefu. We made the board that we wanted on our 3D printers at MakeSLC in Salt Lake City, UT. We wanted something easy to use that had the features we needed. We decided that it had to be affordable and expandable and did we ever pack it full of features. Yet we managed to keep the price low. We have worked hard to make RA and bring it to you.
Why are we using Kickstarter, when we had decided to do the project no matter what? Three reasons:

First, our margin on this board is low, because we have packed in so many features. We can not afford to make 5000 boards right now. We can only afford to make what we can sell. But with Kickstarter, we can reach a lot of people quickly, and gauge our support. If the initial run can be bigger then we can make more boards and serve more people in the 3D printing community.

Second, because we got requests to pre-order the board. By using Kickstarter, we get a pre-order system automatically. And, because so many people wanted a lot of different options we can use this to gauge what options people really want.

Third, because with Kickstarter we can have stretch goals, we can add more features and improve the ones that are already there. You get to tell us what is important to you and we will do it.

So please support us. Let's show everyone what a great community exists out there for 3D printing. Spread the word! Share us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and forums. The more people we have on board the more we can offer. We have some great ideas for this project and with your support we can make them reality.
Thank you. It means a lot to us to be able to do this, and with your help we will!
Features of RA:

Screw terminals for easy connection
MP3 sound controller add-on available
Lighting control - up to 64 RGD LEDs
Status updates via lighting
Modified Marlin firmware pre-installed and configured for typical 1-extruder machine. You can run up to 3 extruders
5 PWM driven MOSFET outputs with indicator leds
2 - 12V MOSFET outputs for heated beds (10A per board fused) controlled by one pin
3 - 12V MOSFET outputs fused together at 10A for extruder cores
One 5V PWM output fused at 5A with 5V rail
Buzzer - Beeps when using Elefu Control Panel menu for feedback.
Reset button for MCU
Up to 6 Elefu A4988 Stepper Drivers. X,Y,Z and up to 3 Extruders.
Elefu A4988 Stepper Drivers do Full,Half, Quarter, Eighth, Sixteenth micro-stepping support.
RA is pin compatible with pololu A4988 Stepper Drivers
Power on LED indicator
4 Thermistor inputs measure temperature of heated bed and 3 hot ends
6 Limit switch inputs with ground and 5V for optical or mechanical end-stops
Dedicated +3v3, +5v and +12v outputs fused at 5A per rail for additional components including light ring, fans, MP3 sound controller, lighting control kit, camera IR trigger and any custom uses you can think up.
Camera IR trigger kit available to use with marlin-supported remote camera trigger gcode command.
LED light ring
FTDI USB for programming the ATMega2560 and uploading custom firmware with dedicated TX and RX LEDs for communication indicators
ATMega2560 built in. All unused pins mapped to board with +5V, GND
ICSP pin header for direct AVR programming
ATX power supply input - takes 24 pin and either 4pin or 8 pin connector for a maximum of 36A of current on the 12V rails and 5A each on the 5V and 3v3 rail, with 500ma of standby power for essential components
Power supply can be turned off via software when printer is finished printing

Elefu control panel Add-on features:

Rotary encoder with push button switch to control menus and operate your printer without a computer
SD card support - Print from SD card, no computer needed to run printer
Remote reset button for emergency stops
LCD Display with menu system for control of printer