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Dave Haddock
08-20-2012, 05:37 AM
Hey there,

Our crowd funding campaign started yesterday and I wanted to let you know a little bit about it. You can find the campaign here http://igg.me/p/207275?a=433748

LinksWeaver is a service for creative people from any background. We've all had amazing ideas in our lives but not everyone has the time, skills or confidence to do anything about it. Thatís where LinksWeaver comes in. We have developed a service that anyone can use; it doesnít matter whether you are a beginner, a professional or even whether you have lots of creative skills or none at all.

Itís not about finding employees or hiring freelancers as weíve been there and the results are often disappointing because the people you are hire are just there to get paid and move on as quickly as possible. LinksWeaver is about giving people a chance, about giving possibilities to those that otherwise might never have them. LinksWeaver helps to build teams united by a shared passion for an idea and yes, there might be money to be made, who knows what can happen, after all it is your project. You are only limited by your imagination.

Hope that it interests you, for lots more information please visit our campaign on Indiegogo here http://igg.me/p/207275?a=433748 but any questions, comments or anything else you want to throw at me please do! :)


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