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07-18-2012, 11:23 AM
Bring It to the Table - The New rEvolve Album
This campaign will only receive funds if at least $15,000 is raised by Sat Jul 21 at 11:59PM PT.


Who We Are

rEvolve is Chris Giffen, Josh McHan, Gord Oaks, & Julian Pattison. We’ve been playing and harmonizing together for over eight years now, writing and performing music that lifts the soul, offers vision and purpose, and reaches people of many ages. We're about heart-filled living, a new social vision, and excellent musicianship. Chris, Josh and Gord play acoustic guitar, upright bass, and drums; we live and work in Edmonton. Julian has a busy life in Vancouver, so he doesn’t always get to join us, but listen for “the keys” and you’ll find him! Find us at www.rEvolvemusic.ca

What It Is

It has been soooooo frustrating not to have a recording of our newer material - some of you may have lost hope :-( But we're comin’ through for you now!!! We've got tons of new originals, some you know and some you don't... (There's gonna be a single and a songbook too!!!)

We've already started recording, but making an album is very costly. We haven't paid ourselves from sales in 2 years, so that’s what has allowed us to begin. It costs about $20,000 to make an entry level professional album. By doing some of the work ourselves, we think we can do it for less. But we'll need the people's funding power for things like mixing, mastering, design & duplication!!!

What We Need

Even with our DIY approach, and all the measures we are taking to line up friends from within our network, we need at least $15,000 to complete a quality recording.

Sound like a tall order? We know it can be done! About 70% of the cost of our last album, reSolve, was covered by generous donations - with one amazing couple offering $7000, to make ends meet! Listen to our last album at www.rEvolvemusic.ca

If we raise more than our goal, it will be that much better! We could pay our musical guests a good rate, get better mixing & mastering, maybe even be paid ourselves for some the hours of labour it takes to make our project happen.

What You Get

So what’s in it for you? Of course, there’s the music! The recorded tracks and live performances coming to your area soon! (even sooner if we receive a generous amount ;-) We’re offering lots of cool perks in exchange for your donations of $5 and up: A CD with a personal note from the guys, a cool eco-fair trade rEvolve t-shirt, a sing-a-gram for that special occasion, or even a live house concert :-O could be yours!!!

If we don’t reach our goal, we get nothing from this campaign but we won’t give up- it will just take a lot longer, and we won’t be able to show you all the musical dreams we have to share. So there's no risk for you! If we make it you'll receive your package- if not, your pledge is returned.

The Impact

Need to hear it from someone else? Check out these testimonials:

“How DO they make us to dance?” C, age 4
“I am so incredibly grateful for rEvolve's music - you've somehow managed to create the music that is inside my heart.” M, age 21
“Please make another album. Your last one is on constant repeat in my car, I love it, but I’m ready for something new.” A, age 48
Other Ways You Can Help

Many of those who love our music can’t afford to offer us a lot. But your promotion and excitement about this campaign is vital. Spread the word, share the links. We appreciate anything you can do to help!