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07-18-2012, 11:25 AM
Roland Haynes Limited

Equity offered: 20%


Roland Haynes Limited is a new designer brand in the UK offering very high quality, men’s shoes with broad appeal and fashionable longevity. The recent enlistment of a highly regarded sales representative gives Roland Haynes an enviable network of wholesale customers to whom the brand will be launched in conjunction with building the online profile of the company to attract retail clients.
RHL will develop other products (belts, wallets, cufflinks, hats, gloves) in order to build the brand over time, aiming to emulate the esteem and appeal of other English brands like Paul Smith.
Roland Haynes plans to gain market penetration by challenging the “stuffier” long established shoe brands with a fresher approach to traditional shoe design which will also sit perfectly on the shelves of the London fashion stores.
With a mix of cross-cultural and retro inspired footwear the products are sub-branded to evoke the romance of quality crafted shoes with their roots in the unsurpassed construction techniques of the 19th century.
Such is the appeal of the designs that at the business’s first attempt to market and sell its products, it has secured an order from a major UK online distributor.
RHL requires funding of £80,000 in order to market the brand, pre order stock, promote the online retail element of the company and provide working capital.

About Roland Haynes
Roland was privileged to work alongside one of the most influential shoe designers of the 21st century for more than nine years. As Creative Director of Oliver Sweeney Limited the company became a cauldron of creativity. This is evident not only in the work that Roland produced to build the brand personality but also in his product design. His involvement with product design lead ultimately to him designing the Autumn/Winter 2009 collection.
Prior to Roland’s 12 years experience in the shoe industry, he worked as an Art Director in various companies such as Warman and Bannister Ltd. (for 19 years), Brunnings Advertising and David Pilton Advertising. Over the 25 years working in this capacity, his creativity flourished and the time allowed him hone his personal style which is on what the Roland Haynes brand will be based.
“His design expertise and attention to detail are vital in the overall running of the business.”
eShoemaker, London