View Full Version : (Indiegogo) Pocket Parties -- ANDROID VERSION

04-25-2013, 12:53 PM
My name is Dan Annis and I recently started Dinky Details LLC (http://dinkydetails.com). It is my Mobile Development Company. I released my first App for Mobile Sales Consultants on April 1st called Pocket Parties (http://pocketpartiesapp.com). The app is to take a sales rep through the process of being successful. Adding their clients, tracking their clients order history, and keeping up on their inventory. Since these folks are mobile, carrying around their file cabinets and excel spreadsheets on what they have in stock is tough! So I came up with the solution!

I have had a huge success on our Facebook page (http://facebook.com/pocketparties) on getting fans and folks to talk about the app. They really need an Android Version and since I am one man, and Babying the iPhone version with updates, and new features. I need some help! I cannot program Android and do not have the knowledge even. I will be outsourcing some of this project and need help raising the funds!

In return, most rewards involve a free version of the app, as well as free advertising spots on the website. My hope is folks will see the value in the app and as the app's life and popularity becomes more prevalent.. the advertising may propel for your business as well!

Link to Indiegogo - http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/pocket-parties-android-version