View Full Version : (iBank) Social Jukebox App

04-29-2013, 04:23 PM
Social Vinyl is a Social Jukebox app that will revolutionize the way that people hear and enjoy music with friends and family. We are still in the final phase of testing, and the app is NOT currently available on the store. We’re still a week or so away. The host of a party or other event can create an event in Social Vinyl with a central playlist for that event. The host gets the playlist started and plugs their iPhone into the sound system. When guests arrive, they simply join the event, and they can start sending songs from their own music libraries to the event playlist! No more plugging and unplugging! No more fighting over control of the stereo! Everyone can add songs for everyone to hear! Isn’t that exciting!? Oh, did a song come on that most people aren’t in the mood to hear? Good thing that everyone can vote on each song, and if a song’s approval rating is too low, the song is automatically skipped. I really think that this will be the next big App that everyone will talk about!

Visit http://ibankcrowdfunding.com/social-vinyl/ for more information on this app!