View Full Version : (IndieGoGo) Mobile Game: Magness - The great alchemist

05-02-2013, 11:08 AM
We are a small team of indie game developers - www.jenots.com We are passionate about game making, and we would be very happy to dedicate all of our time to games, but we have to pay the bills, so our daytime job in our small design and IT agency takes a lot of our resources.

Our core team consists of main programmer Artūrs Sosins, his wife Anna Sosina, programmer associate Artūrs Kadikis and Art Director and team manager Toms Meijers.

So far we have launched two games, and one of them is doing quite good - Mashballs (check it: http://jenots.com/mashballs). But it’s not good enough to fund our next projects. So we need Your Help to switch to game making and make this exciting game available and free to play! :)


More about the game and supporting on:


Also we would like to hear Your opinion on what could make the campaign better? ;)

Thank You very much!