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05-07-2013, 02:36 PM
Hello! We are Shattered Reality Publications and we are funding our new table-top role-playing game, Presidium Eternus. Below is some information about our game and you can vew our kickstarter here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2001006179/presidium-eternus-fantasy-table-top-rpg

The Game

Presidium Eternus is an original table-top fantasy role-playing game that uses the d20 system. The Presidium Eternus rulebook contains most everything you will need to play it. Not only does the 282 page rulebook contain the rules for character creation and gameplay, but also a beastiary and sections on equipment and being a game master.

What sets Presidium Eternus apart from most other medieval fantasy games is the setting and the game's emphasis on character customization.

Not only do you get to choose your character's clan/tribe, background, and magical/elemental type, but each of those options has additional choices to allow you further customization so that no one character is exactly like another. For example, if you chose fire as your elemental type you then get to choose how you were trained to wield that power determining what elemental attacks you can use. Additionally you choose how you channel that energy. If you choose to channel through a sword you do extra damage, however, if you don't have a sword to use then you cannot use your fire abilities. If you choose to channel unarmed you gain no special benefits, but you always have to ability to use your elemental powers.

Another unique element to this game is ability for characters to combine magical/elemental powers with other characters in order to create more powerful attacks, buffs, or heals. Two wind wielders can summon a giant whirlwind that rips across the battlefield. A wind wielder and a fire wielder can conjure a whirling firestorm to incinerate opponents.

Where We Are

Many, many hours have gone into the production, playtesting, and editing of this game. The book is all but finished. We have run numerous playtest sessions across the United States with very positive feedback and have made changes based on the feedback we received. The book has a beautiful cover and amazing interior artwork. We are in the process of making final tweaks with editing and formatting.

Aside from the rulebook we are also finishing up on a starter campaign module called "Bloodsuckers in Bloodmoon".

Why We Need Kickstarter

A ton of money has already gone into the artwork and testing of this game, but more is needed to help with the printing costs. Going above and beyond our goal will allow us to put more funding into the layout and design of our campaign modules.

Thank you for your time and support!

Michael Maxwell