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Lelocks Trent
07-19-2012, 10:07 AM
CONSTRVCT: Design Your Own Fashion
This project will only be funded if at least $10,000 is pledged by Saturday Aug 4, 2:52pm EDT

CONSTRVCT is truly interactive, user generated fashion. It's a web-based collection where you can make your own designs. Turn photos into beautifully distinctive styles. We make your design with digital textile printing and sew it in your size in the highest quality. Every design is uniquely made to order.

See our progress at: www.constrvct.com

We are hosting a private beta through Kickstarter. For any pledge amount, you get Priority Access to CONSTRVCT. We will message out invite codes July 12. Also, you get all of the project updates--so you get to see design iterations, mumblings about code, and lots of features being built and changed every day. We just hope you'll be nice and understand that things are buggy and we're working on it. It currently works in Chrome and Firefox.

You can be the first to get your own custom-made designs with the preorder. We really need about 50 pre-orders in order to start shipping. Since we are producing 1-off pieces, we're never going to reach wholesale production prices, but our partners will be a lot nicer to us if we have some quantity to start with.

**Scroll down for lots of photos!** We also have a bunch of nice rewards...stickers, paper dolls, 3D printed earrings, and plottered prints!

The Clothes

Right now we're offering a few styles as part of this Kickstarter. They're simple but elegant, and all of them will be made with organic cotton jersey, sourced and sewn right here in the US. The material is a wonderful double knit that's perfect for late summer and fall weather. This Kickstarter will run for 1 month, and we'll endeavor to ship asap, so you'll get your orders in September.

If you need some design inspiration, we'll blog updates on design ideas as we go.

For a $95 pledge, you can design your own shirt. Available for both men and women. You can make as many designs as you want on the website, just let us know at the end which one to print and sew for you. Sizes XS to XL available. We can also do custom sizing.

I made this html artwork and turned it into a shirt for our friend Adam. If you want this design instead of your own, you can specify it with your order.
For a $199 pledge, you can design your own dress. We have a couple variations: short sleeve, sleeveless, and one shoulder. This is a Kickstarter preorder special. Dresses will be $250 on our website later on. Make as many designs as you want on the website, and let us know which one to print and sew for you. Sizes US 0-16 available, in standard, petite, and tall. We can also do custom sizing.

Mary wears a photo Jenna took in Barcelona, from the colorful stained glass of the Sagrida Famila.

A truly NYC dress. 3D design preview is on the left, finished dress on right.
It comes together in the details...

Your name is printed right into a tagless "label" on the garment. Plus, custom packaging with your fabric swatch and initials.