View Full Version : (Kickstarter) Our Something the TV Series: A Big Project by Little People

Venita Frye
05-09-2013, 04:19 PM
I post in here today because I'm in need of your help. I don't know what you guys think Crowdfunding is for but I always seen it as help for those that needed it. I'm not rich. I can't make a video with my celebrity friends in it. I can't get on twitter and get my celebrity friends to tweet my link for me. I'm an average person who has a dream of being someone! I know I can do this because its what I want and its deep inside me. Nothing is impossible if you set your mind too it. I myself went in to Kickstarter and backed a few projects that were celebrity ran because I'm a fangirl at heart but I really believed that if someone like me or you did a kickstarter it would soar because thats what Kickstarter was made for US. I was wrong on these accounts. I think its time WE took back kickstarter and showed them that we are going to help the ones that NEED it the reason it was even invented!