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05-14-2013, 07:54 PM

I'm making a indiegogo Campaign about getting a game app made called "Slicer". I am working getting the personal video made, building and reconnecting social media(I'm not much of a social person), Profreading my personal story so that would be personal, contacted some people that would help me out.

I need some pointers on my campaign and it's not live yet but plan to start soon. Here is perks that i came up with:

Thank you
I'll give you a thank you via E-mail or ShoutOut

A thank you video
Thank you e-mail with a Personal Video

A coffe Mug
You'll get a Coffee mug with the game logo on it.

Elemental or Digital?
You'll Have a choice of either Four Seasons elemental or Cyber digital Theme game poster from the game

Get a T-shirt
(Blue, Brown, Yellow or Gray) T-shirt with 2 choices of the shape from the game

Paid Version for Free
I'll Give you the Paid version of the game for Free, After the free version is out.

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This is my first crowdfunding campaign, i been studying it a lot of it.

But however, i wanted to know if there any anything i work on or add in there.

05-18-2013, 09:52 PM
I've changed the perks

Personally Thank you
THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! I'll send out a video or Shout-out to personally thank you.

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Coffee Mugs
You'll get coffee mugs with the Game logo "Slicer" on it.

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Get a Cap
You'll get a Cap based on the Elemental and virtual world. Winter- Blue Trim with Snow and Digital Frame Spring- Golden Trim with a Lotus Pedal theme Summer- Red Trim with Black and Flame Theme Fall- White Trim with Gray theme and Leaves falling theme

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Get a T-shirt
(Blue, Brown, Yellow, Gray, Green or Red color) T-shirt with 2 choices of the shape you want. M,L,XL,XXL, XXXL Sizes.

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05-19-2013, 02:50 PM
$25 just for a "thank you" is kind of high... also, $110 for the paid version of the game? How much are you planning to sell this app for?

I think you should review your perks before going live ;)