View Full Version : (CrowdCube) Equity purchase

05-16-2013, 10:16 AM
Hi Guys,

Basically a year ago I invested in a pitch through crowdcube. It was only a small sum as it was the first investment and I was seeing how the system worked.

Once the pitch was successful and the share certificates were distributed I noticed a detail that confused / worried me slightly,

Basically I had paid a share "premium" that equalled 66% of the value of the total investment. This meant that the share number X the value did not equal anywhere near the value i paid?????

Is this the usual case or have I been fobbed off - I did invest again in another company but that collapsed after being successful.

Please give me your responses

05-16-2013, 09:32 PM

Just so I can understand what had happened with your investment, can we just use simple numbers. You invested $100 in a company which should have given you some shares in the business. Did they outline the price per share when you made your purchase? Or just state the price per share for example $1 and you expected to get 100 shares for your $100 investment. However, when you received your statement after closing, it showed you purchased 33 shares for $100 and the $66 was a premium fee.

Did I get it right?