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Chandra Kilaru
05-16-2013, 12:35 PM
Hey Guys,

I'm the writer/director of "A Life For A Life" a short movie propagating the importance of gun control.

Life is unpredictable. And the violence guns bring into our lives even more so. A young boy witnesses his mother getting shot and years later stumbles upon the killer, a cop, who's a doting family man. With a gun in his hand, will the boy make the easy choice of revenge or the difficult choice of justice? Or will it be somewhere in between where most truths live. In the shades of grey.

Movies have the power to change the world. They are the greatest medium for revolution. And this movie has the potential to make people think about the roles guns play in our lives and what we can do to address that.

If you believe that Gun Control is important, please contribute towards the project. Every dollar counts and your donations are tax deductible. Plus we have some awesome perks. Check it out.




05-16-2013, 12:52 PM
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