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05-16-2013, 03:05 PM

Join us as we explore some of the most remote and hard to access mines and ghost towns in the Western United States.

Driven by a passion for history and utilizing years of abandoned mine exploration experience. Mojave Underground TV sets out to bring the amazing mining history of the western United States to a worldwide audience. Thousands of mines and thousands of stories are out there eroding away under the elements. Every year ghost towns and historic mine sites disappear, we are setting out to change that in an educational and exciting way.

Mike Capps, Stuart Burgess, and Crystal Burgess: The creative team behind Mojave Underground TV
In 2007 Mojave Underground began its life and sparked a revolution in the hobby of abandoned mine exploration. The group immediately started promoting safety, volunteering unique services, gaining national attention, and preserving history. At the same time growing rapidly into the largest abandoned mine exploration group on earth. We have achieved exploration capabilities and skills that allow us to step where no man has stepped in hundreds of years. The time has come for us to share this history and our adventures with the world.

In 2010 we began to film our explorations and put them together with historical information. We launched an online mini-documentary series called Mojave Underground TV. The growing curve has been fast and the quality of our productions have improved dramatically over the past few years, but funding limitations have stopped us from reaching our full potential. At first we tried working with TV companies to develop a show, but soon realized that we would lose a big piece of our ability to express ourselves.

So here with are with you, with your help we can do this! It is time to throw “reality TV” out the window and unleash a new creative torrent of history and adventure upon the masses. Join us as we explore some of America's hardest to access mines, ghost towns, and abandonments. From the high Rockies of Colorado to the lonely deserts of Arizona we'll bring you a taste of what life was like in the wild west. It's time to put your hiking boots on, we're going underground.

Our goals and extended goals: Funding will go toward better camera gear and covering travel expenses.
Here is how we can do this together:

With our $25,000 primary goal we will be able to shoot a full 9 episode season in the Western United States.

At $30,000 we will produce two additional bonus episodes in the Western United States.

At $40,000 in addition to the two bonus episodes we will be shooting another entire episode as a musical. That's right, we will sing the whole thing in musical style. It's going to be fun and definitely a little wacky. We will also be getting a better camera to shoot all the episodes with.

At $50,000 we will be shooting two bonus episodes, the musical episode, and we will be traveling to Alaska to shoot an addition two episodes at some really cool locations in the state.

At $75,000 we will shoot all of the above AND shoot four additional episodes internationally! With the extra money we will be able to live our dreams and travel to four of the coolest locations around the globe. We will be brainstorming these additional locations with you. You get to help us decide where to visit!