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05-23-2013, 03:15 PM
Equity capital for the eFROOG Multi-Purpose-Vehicle

The eFROOG is a Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) with electric and petrol powertrain. The eFROOG is fully engineered and constructed in Germany and ready for US and EU markets.

More Information about the vehicle and the project:

We have collected about 5000 pre-orders for the vehicle from importers around europe. Of course there is a fully developed project with Business Plan, factory planning and a complete timing for the project. There is a complete financial structure with different methods of financing (investors, credit, funding by state). The whole project has a budget of only now 2,3 Mio to bring it up and into production as the founders have invested much money and work before. Everthing is there and only the so-called "private equity capital" of the founders is missing to get the whole thing started. We want to present the first models of the vehicle (pre-production) on the famous IAA 2013 automotive fair in Frankfurt/Germany. But we as founders have invested the last cent into the project and we are not able to find further investors in a few weeks only to keep the timeframe for that.

There is over 40 years of OEM know-how inside the founders that have worked in several automotive companies
We have a complete factory with staff and equipment that can be taken over (with additional funding for the 58 workers)
There are more than 5000 pre-orders from importers and dealers
We are dealing with partnerships in china and other oplaces for a licence production of the vehicle (SDK(CDK)
We have a german (and world-wide present) OEM that allows us to use the complete technology of one of his models that are already produced in millions.

What we need and what you get.

Every money raised by this platform will be directly invested in the new company for the project. Every contributor is getting a share of the company (see perks) but free of any obligations (in questions of loses etc.).
We need the capital to do the financing according to the financial plan and the funding of state that we are getting.
Every contributor can have a share in the company (see perks)
If the total sum is not achieved the timing for the project will be delayed util there are further contributors to raise the rest.

Effect on the eFROOG project.
Without your help the project with a work force of 60 people can not start. The founders have done everything right and done the right steps. The project is fully planned and constructed and all money available by the founders was invested. Because of changes in the german laws for state credits etc. there was some changes and now a special percentage of euqity capital is needed to get this extra funds. This was not planable before. The contribution money is giving the project a fast start.
There will be earnings out of the project very fast (according to busines plan)
We have a market for the vehicle (proven by pre-contracts that exceed the amount of possible build vehicles). We use a standard personal car (already existing) fro a german manufacturer with the latest technology. We only have devloped a multiple frame-system and the ABS-plastic body of the vehicle. The homologation (street legal in EU) is monitored by TUEV organisation since the start of the project.

05-24-2013, 11:47 AM
Great looking MPV. I would suggest you place the indiegogo link on your home page. I had no idea this was a crowdfunding project and had to look for info. Found the indigogo link in the investor relations page. Good luck with the campaign and feel free too post it on ShmoozBiz.com

05-24-2013, 12:48 PM
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