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08-22-2012, 12:48 AM
Please Help me by Contributing to my project and Sharing and ReTweet on your Social Networks to make it happen for Technology and Social Media to raise funds... on http://www.indiegogo.com/Mirolta


What is Mirolta.com?

Mirolta.com (http://mirolta.com) is a leading Technology and Social Media blog providing latest News, Reviews and Updates regarding Mobiles, Tablets, Laptops, Apps, Cameras, Gadgets, Web Applications, Social Media and much more.

Mirolta was launched on August 18, 2011 by a one man army - and that's me!!!

Click here to go to the project : http://www.indiegogo.com/Mirolta (http://www.indiegogo.com/Mirolta?a=973618)

A word about me!!!

Hi, I am Minesh Rai, a tech crazzy person from India. I am the Founder and CEO of Mirolta.com. I love writing articles regarding Mobiles, Tech, Gadgets, Games, Web Applications, Social Media and much more.

How I Got Here

Mirolta is one of the most popular independently-owned website in the world. Staying independent means that YOU, the readers, are first for me, rather than some corporation. I pride myselves on being accesible to readers and receptive to their needs and requests.

But, lacking corporate support means we lack the in-house tech support (and the access to funds to pay for that), expert web development and programming and the full time staff that allows sites as large and complicated as mine to operate or evolve.

Thanks to advertising revenue I've been able to pull this company out of the red and is currently manage to pay all my monthly bills, cover writers expenses to some extent. We continue to aim for the stars -- like paying ALL the writers who work so hard on Mirolta every day.

Web development, on the other hand, was and is more expensive than I could handle. So I skipped a pretty basic step in the development of a website by hiring a professional to design and build the website. I have done all this myself without any technical as well as financial support. And I am suffering for that now.

Click here to go to the project : http://www.indiegogo.com/Mirolta (http://www.indiegogo.com/Mirolta?a=973618)

The Little Website That Could

Imagine a tiny house with one person inside. Imagine that 10 more people move in, but instead of making a bigger house, we just tack on a bunch of free-standing cardboard boxes and ask everyone to please squeeze. All the lamps are broken, only one power outlet still functions, using the microwave blows the fuse for the entire house and you have to exit through the back door cause the front door gets stuck. That's my website. Every day with each new post, the site gets slower and slower on the back-end. But really, load time is just the tip of our dysfunctional iceberg.

In the world of Mirolta, I am the sole web designer, theme designer, Programmer, Editor, Admin, BLA, BLA, BLA. In short a man behind every thing. I have changed my blog theme in December last year when the traffic to my blog was around 4000+ Pageviews per month. It took seven months for me to get around 16000+ Pageviews per month and growing ( without spending a penny on advertisement ). I know the stats are not too impressive but I am not here to give some unrealistic figures. The growth since inception is quite satisfactory for me. And I know my site will grow consistently in future. I am not in position to make advertisement of my blog on Google, Facebook, etc. due to limited funds.

To develop the website to next level is monumentally expensive. I have been given estimates of $2K to $2.5k and full-time tech support requires paying someone a full-time salary.With the growing success of my blog I can't ignore the problem anymore, the site gets bit slow since I am using basic plan shared hosting, I can't grow, I can't even accept new advertising with my current down time.

I've spent valuable time trying quick fixes and cheap labor and there's no way around it, it's time to turn this shed into an actual building, or risk losing everything I've worked on thus so far.

All of above, the site is the source of me and my family's bread and butter. To fulfill the needs and pay off my utility bills I will withdraw $300 per month from the fund raised.Your money will go towards:

Tech Support and Ongoing Maintenance
Custom Server Configuration - so the site runs quickly!
Advertisement on Google, Facebook, etc.
Payments to Article Writers
Pay off utility bills

Any funds raised over my fundraising goal will go towards supporting the rest of the business, primarily in the areas of equipment needs (a camera, upgradation of my PC, etc.) and paying my writers what they deserve. If I get a bajillion dollars, I will establish an office for my company.

In case, if the desired amount is not raised I will give priority to spend the received amount on the redesigning and tech support first and balance remains, if any, it will be made available for other activities.

I honestly believe I have the best most supportive community on the internet a community who has always been there to help and support me, who understands the value of my work, and who doesn't hesitate to express their love/gratitutde deeply and often.

Note : Plz share my request in your social networks which will help me in achiving my goal in the stipulated given time.

Please Help me by Contributing to my project and Sharing and ReTweet on your Social Networks to make it happen for Technology and Social Media to raise funds... on http://www.indiegogo.com/Mirolta

Thanking You.