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Nitin Joshi
08-22-2012, 07:38 AM
Hello, my name is Nitin. I’m an IT and MBA graduate by qualification with a 3 year stint with an IT company behind me. I quit the routine IT job in order to pursue what I'd always liked to do better. That is travelling into the Nature and exploring far-flung areas, especially in the Himalayas. So, apart from serving this purpose, Travelosophic (www.travelosophic.com (http://www.travelosophic.com)) was founded by me to:

Create a platform for like-minded Adventure and Philosophy enthusiats, people who not only admire, but respect Nature.
Encourage a culture of responsible travel among the general public and giving them a taste of what Nature (and Life minus the mundane) has to offer, without actually disturbing its peace.

By now, Travelosophic has conducted several trips in the Himalayan region, as you can see on the website (http://www.travelosophic.com). The website however is actually just one part of the project which I could build for free. But the other aspects like travelling, in order to explore new places and keeping the operations running smoothly all over the place has frankly been a struggle, for the simple reason that investments in this type of venture far outpace the revenue generation, at least in the initial stage.

So, my expectation from this campaign here is simple. To generate enough funds to keep Travelosophic in existence till it is established enough to sustain itself. This will be done if I can dedicate more time in planning the trips and expeditions, visiting the places, taking photographs, documenting the hikes, trails and destinations and creating marketing campaigns instead of sitting around worrying about funds.

If you think whatever I've said makes sense and it's worth your help, please contribute in whatever capacity you can. If you are unable to contribute monetarily, please help by referring your friends who are.


The link to my project at indiegogo is http://www.indiegogo.com/travelosophic?a=1040557