View Full Version : Crowdfunding Experts Needed For our Project

06-30-2013, 08:11 AM
We are in the process of launching a crowdfunding campaign and need acouple crowdfunding experts to join in developing it and sharing the rewards. Please see www.EcoTireSwings.com for the product we are offering. We have team of programmers that are developing a website and blog page, on website; 3 multi-media experts, and MBA's to make sure business structure is in place and shipping is ready after campaign. Our goal is to ship rewards faster than most.

Everybody on our Green team is putting in sweat equity into this wonderful project and you would need to do the same; but our reward goal will pay out 10k post campaign for doing so.

We have date of July 9th for pre-launch, and July 21th as launch date. Please Skype me at: eco.friend1, or email: tiretip@hotmail.com for great details, and let's get together, meet the team, and have fun offering a wonderful recycled product everybody will love. Thank you very, very much. Walt