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Adam Linux Hemmerly
08-24-2012, 05:16 PM

Atom PE Software is the Edge you need in today's tech world. Atom PE is a stand alone boot-able environment Built on Win7SE Packed with open source and free software for you to keep that edge!

Some may ask: "Hey this is built on Open Source and Freeware, Why are you trying to raise money?"

The answer is simple. although the whole of the software you can find anywhere, it took me lots-o-time to bring everything together.

And an older version is out (i uploaded it): http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/7497928/Atom_PE_Final

And i encourage you try the beta before you decide to donate.

As newer versions come out they will be available for download to those who donate.

"Why isn't the boot environment in linux or another open source OS, you don't have the legal right to re-distribute Windows 7 Starter Edition ( making this technically piracy) ?"

Yes, I do not have legal right to sell windows, but i not selling it, it was built using Windows 7 from an ISO that was a public download from Digitalriver.com it has no active lic key, it can not do windows updates and has a lot of restrictions. The core of it, what i wrote, was written is VB by me. The reason I chose to use a windows 7 environment is because of the wide range of .exe files that will work in the windows environment.

And while we are here, The same goes for all the freeware/shareware found in the disc.

Why not linux? I love linux dont get me wrong, i even have a boot option to hook into Ubuntu 10.04 and clonezilla. but even with Wine Ubuntu can not handle the full range of tasks that the window environment can.

The simple ans to your question, no
The pledges are donations for the launcher software, software that i am currently giving away.
I expect not to sell my software and upon the end of this kickstarter project, The .ISO image will be available for download, as i have said before this is not to sell the software. Hence the low dollar donation amounts. Cost of disc + cost of shipping.
for more information please see