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08-25-2012, 07:05 PM
Fight For Jill's Life

Flexible Funding campaign funding goal date Sept 7 ONLY 13 days left!


Fight for Jills Life is a group of folks just like you and me. This campaign is to help those who are unable to help themselves. Cancer sucks and whoever said it wasn't a death sentence was fibbing. Cancer is debilitating and incapacitating. Today, despite the millions raised, there is still no known cure. When someone gets diagnosed with cancer, it effects not just the person but also those that love and care for that individual.

Most people think that there are organizations in place that help those that need help financially. THERE ARE NOT! There is a gross misconception.

This happens all too often. People with cancer are knocked off their feet, unable to work and dwiddle away at their savings until its all gone. Poof. The American Cancer Society has educational support about cancer but not a dollar goes directly to individuals that have been financially depleted of their personal funds. If you are able to stay at a Hope Lodge the waiting period may jeopardize the spreading of tumors. The choices are donate or volunteer.

Susan G. Komen, you will find that there are only two options, donate or volunteer. While these organizations are filled with awareness and educational materials about cancer, they do not provide financial assistance to those that desperately need it in order to continue life saving treatments and battle cancer. They will not teach those that must learn how to fundraise for themselves. Last call to Cancer Care, has fifty dollars and an abundance of paper work that the patient must complete and after weeks will receive fifty dollars per year.

Fight For Jills Life began from an awesome and cool lady diagnosed with high grade invasive breast cancer. Jill was working and living her dreams one day and boom. This can happen to anyone. There are no organizations that will provide financial help in tremendous ways. There is no safety net. None. Zilch.

If you consider Cancer Treatment Centers of America, and you do not live or have friends in their areas, then you must pay for hotels. As in Jills case, if you are diagnosed with a rare or severe cancer, then most times, you are referred out of town. Beginning treatments, feeling sick is an understatement and paying for transportation to where you're temporarily staying. When the oncologists makes recommendations, for additional supplements, vitamins and therapies, the costs are challenging. No one ever tells you about all of the horrendous side effects from treatments and the purchases necessary to make it through them. If you are fortunate, you will speak with a nutritionist but to no avail be able to purchase the foods that will provide healthy meals to healing and recovery.

Fight for Jills Life is a network of people just like you and me who are having a difficult time battling cancer. Stand up, speak up now for those that must have their financial burden alleviated conceding for healing and a successful road to recovery by living a little longer.

We are not promising a cure. We are not going to use the funds for catered luncheons or the production of medications that will eventually be removed from the market because of danger. Throughout Jill's life, she is the one that put others before herself. Jill's philosophy, "It was never about me." Many have met her, confided in her, been helped by her, had their lives changed by her, received hugs from her, cards of inspiration from her. You may have met Jill and did not even know her name.

This is the time to have it be about Jill because she will always help others. Always. Its just her style to make a difference, to model acts of kindness, to pave the way for others to benefit. Others can benefit depending on how well this campaign goes. We believe in happy endings.

08-25-2012, 07:13 PM
So how are the funds going to be used? Do you have any links or evidence of Jill?
Is 'Fight for Jill's Life' a separate campaign, or just something you put together?

What are you getting from this?