View Full Version : Dan In Space #2

08-26-2012, 06:17 PM
We are finishing up issue number 2 of Dan In Space. NYCC accepted our application to be in the artist alley this October so we really need funds for a huge print campaign. The money that we raise through kickstarter will hopefully fully fund the print campaign at NYCC. We have already worked out a deal with the printer for pricing and delivery as we are working on a very tight deadline. Our goal is to get 250 for an ISBN number, 565 for printing, and 35 for copywrite. With your help we hope the second comic will be a great success.

Dan In Space is created and drawn by Josh Rudloff. It is written and edited by Jacqueline Rudloff. Adam Wollet is the letterer. With the first Kick Starter campaign for #1 we have sold the comic book all over the world. We have really fallen in love with the KickStarter community and could not be happier to bring the next book to you. With the help of my super awesome wife, Cotton Rudloff (the family dog), and you we are really making something special.

Dan In Space is an Sci-fi, action, adventure, comedy with the idea of a story grounded in reality but set free with the unlimited prospects of technology in the future. The second issue will be 20 pages of full color.