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08-08-2013, 07:16 AM
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Please take a look at our listing for aso.tv at Seedrs here > https://www.seedrs.com/startups/aso-tv



“Consumers search for things they see on TV” – The Multiscreen World – Google, Aug 2012.

Aso.tv is a website that helps people find and buy products as seen on TV programmes and adverts. The site operates as an affiliate e-commerce store directing consumers to a range of online retailers and receiving a commission for any purchases tracked.

The target market for aso.tv, is the growing number of people who ‘Multi-screen’; i.e. those people who interact with the internet via smartphone, tablet or laptop whilst watching TV. Within this target market are identified segments of consumers; for example, those who are strongly influenced by celebrity style and fashion trends, as well as viewers who find kudos in being the first to find and have new products and gadgets. With daily updated content and articles we aim to be a comprehensive resource for TV related product identification, information and inspiration.

We aim to be the go-to solution for people searching for products featured on TV programmes and adverts.

Aso.tv would develop the asseenonthetv.co.uk project that won through to the Zoo Project Performance Marketing Business Incubator in May 2012. We have gained useful insights into our target market in developing and running the asseenonthetv site. We have found that people are influenced by what they see on TV and do actively search for product information. We have found that different market segments are influenced by different TV content and have differing motivations and aspirations in relation to their purchasing behaviour. We plan to create a new website and app - aso.tv (pronounced ay-so tv) - that will target these different market segments under the umbrella site of aso.tv. Funding would enable us to create more specific content to cater for each particular market segment with the aim of significantly increasing the number of potential consumers.

Key to the growth of aso.tv is that we reach out to consumers via existing Social Media channels. We would also continue to develop and build on the SEO work done so far with asseenonthetv.co.uk. We aim to develop a community of return users so that aso.tv will become more than just a site for finding TV related items but will develop into a trusted source of inspiration for new products, music and fashion. Furthermore, we plan to develop an iOS and Android app that, as well as featuring content from the site, would include exclusive offers and discounts that could be published with push notifications whilst a TV programme is on air.

We aim to bring together information from a range of online retailers, so the consumer can compare specific product information and price, as well see related products across a range of price levels.

In May 2012 asseenonthetv.co.uk was successful in winning a place on to the ‘Zoo Project’; a business incubator for start-ups in the affiliate marketing arena.

Although our time in the incubator is ending we believe that the relationships that we have formed would enable us to continue to receive advice from respected business mentors and industry experts. We are pleased to have gained the services of Olaf Spinkel of Web Marketing agency AWESEM. He will act as technical advisor and will oversee the re-design of the current site. AWESEM specialise in WordPress themes and a custom ‘responsive’ design will be created. Aso. tv aims to build on the good SEO work done so far with asseenonthetv.co.uk and again, we will be pleased to work with SEO specialists AWESEM who will oversee the migration of the old site to the new and work on the SEO strategy for aso.tv.

We have gained a sound foundation of Social Media presence that we will continue to build on. (2700+ Facebook Page ‘Likes’ and 5000 Twitter followers).

Aso.tv will create revenue through a number of different income streams.

Firstly, as an affiliate e-commerce store, the site will generate revenue through affiliate commission by linking consumers to products at online retailers. If a resulting sale is made, this would be tracked and we would be paid a percentage of that sale (Cost Per Acquisition or CPA). As an affiliate e-commerce store we can offer visitors a wide range of products from a variety of online stores at differing price levels.

Secondly, the site will earn money through advertising. With the clearly defined market segments we have identified, advertising could be tailored to that particular target market. With the money raised from Seedrs we aim to spend a significant amount on marketing to greatly increase the number of visitors to the site; this would open up greater opportunities for on-site advertising.

The site would also offer residencies, where relevant advertising surrounds the website content, and plans to generate income by offering opportunities for sponsored content, promotions and competitions. These promotions could be for a specific retailer, product, or during relevant TV programming and could also raise income on CPL (Cost Per Lead) basis by capturing visitor information.

Website redesign and responsive WordPress theme design and app development - £10,000,

Ongoing staffing and costs - £20,000,

Marketing, CPC, advertising and PR - £10,000.

08-08-2013, 01:28 PM
I was just checking your project out the other day actually. I almost posted it here myself. Great idea guys. Do you plan on making this available in the US, or just UK for now?

aso tv
08-08-2013, 04:37 PM
Thanks for the positive feedback! Yep, we plan to just start off in the UK, but I like the domain because it's short and generic, so will be suitable for expansion into different countries...so hopefully in the future there will be http://us.aso.tv !

08-08-2013, 04:56 PM
Totally agree, a short domain is awesome for branding. I used to own AY.com. Sold it though :(

Great project by the way, and it's something I could certainly see taking off, especially in American where we are all so materialistic!

aso tv
08-09-2013, 04:58 AM
Thanks for your positive comments! Fingers crossed..it's slow progress at the moment at Seedrs.