View Full Version : SQUARISH.ME your boxed memories

08-28-2012, 04:10 AM
Squarish.me has started as a free time project. Somehow got a positive feedback from family & friends. And this was the beginning.
And there we go: recently lounched the campaign on Indie.. http://igg.me/p/210425?a=1077499

Things you have ever loved but they don't work anymore and you don't want to throw them away or they are just out of fashion.
You have a chance to let us do the art-piece out of them. We add some of little details and create art-piece with the story. Your own story.
Special and personalised for you! Could be really anything, gadgets, little things, toys..
..items from the shelves,streets, home and of course pockets. It will be stored in a completely new and unusual connections.
Each piece is made with an emphasis on composition and color accents.