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08-16-2013, 11:56 AM
Eagle Genomics - where biotech meets big data. Profitable business with a star team looking for investors.
Over 80% of 590,000 already invested, 300,000 from lead investors.
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Tagline / One liner about the business

Eagle is a profitable bioinformatics company with 5+ years of providing outsourcing solutions for managing DNA and life-science Big Data in the cloud.

Company Summary

Eagle Genomics is a profitable consulting, services and software company with over five years’ experience of providing outsourcing solutions for managing and analysing DNA and other big data using bioinformatics -- the analysis of complex biological data using computational techniques. Eagle is the leader in combining cloud computing, Next Generation DNA Sequencing (NGS), open source and commercial software, to provide scalable, efficient genomics analysis to customers across the life sciences.

Lead Investors details and/or description

Eagle currently has no external equity and no debt. This is Eagle’s first and, expected to be, only investment round. Lead Investors have committed 300k, with the lead Investor being the Rainbow Seed Fund, an Evergreen VC fund run by Midven; all other committed investors are business angels, either independent, or members of the following angel groups: Cambridge Angels, London Business Angels, Cambridge Capital Group.

Description of management team

Eagle has a seasoned Board, experienced leadership and strong international expertise in bioinformatics. The CEO managed €10m p.a. life-science software, and the CFO is experienced in all aspects of enterprise software licensing. Both have over 25 years’ experience. The three founders comprise the rest of the executive team. The Chair has 30 years in senior exec positions in tech-based industries and the NED is a former pharma medical-director.

Overview of management team profiles:

Alan Barrell, Chairman. Alan has 30 years' in senior executive positions in technology based industries. A Cambridge Angel, he was a founder shareholder in Library House Ltd, and is now Entrepreneur in Residence at the University's Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning. He is Chairman of Health Enterprise East Ltd and of Pneumacare Ltd., and a Director of Probe Scientific Ltd.

David Flanders, CEO. 25 years' international experience leading diverse teams and operations in successful delivery of technology and bioinformatics projects in the life sciences. Former positions include Site Head for the UK operation of Stem Cells, Inc; COO of a proteomics and systems biology start-up; and at Lion Bioscience. US experience both in the agricultural technology industry and at Stanford. PhD from the Australian National University.

Christopher O’Connor, CFO. Chartered Accountant with 20+ years experience in the high technology sector. Finance Director and CFO respectively, involved in sale of Kapiti Ltd to Misys plc in 1994 and Psytechnics Ltd to Netscout Systems, Inc (NTCT) in 2011. Involved in numerous funding events particularly with Cambridge Broadband Networks, CFO for 6 years, and at Psytechnics, CFO for 5 years. B.Sc from Bristol University.

Abel Ureta-Vidal, COO & Founder. Abel has a PhD in Immuno-virology from the Pasteur Institute and an MBA from Cambridge University. He has 13 years’ experience in bioinformatics and project management, including at Genoscope and at the EBI where he was involved in the Ensembl and EMMA projects.

William Spooner, CTO & Founder. Will has a PhD in Earth System Modelling from the University of Southampton and is a seasoned bioinformatician with many scientific papers to his name. He has worked on Ensembl, BioMart, Gramene and WormBase at EBI, the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and Cold Spring Harbor.

Richard Holland, CBO & CO-Founder. Richard holds a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Otago (New Zealand). He is a founder member of the Open Bioinformatics Foundation, first author on the original BioJava paper and an expert on the application of cloud computing to bioinformatics. He has worked in industry and academia and has worked in the UK, Singapore, and New Zealand.

Vernon Harten-Ash, NED. Vernon practised as a Medical Officer in the Royal Navy before joining the pharmaceutical industry and becoming a Medical Director. In 1994, he established the Harten Group. He has an MBA from Wharton Business School in the USA.