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08-28-2012, 10:08 AM
Administration, marketing and booking services for music acts in the UK

Idea Details

Product(s) and/or Service(s)
To provide marketing, administration and booking services to music acts in the UK.

The company would provide them with a web presence, online marketing bookings administration, contract fulfilment and billing collection.

Intended Impact
We hope that it will enable more quality musicians to gain work through having a better online presence, a more professional approach to enquiries and better relationships with a range of booking agents.

Substantial Accomplishments to Date
ShowBooker Ltd exists as a successful business booking music and drama shows into theatres in the UK.

ShowBooker also runs an administration contract for one of the UKs most prominent and successful function bands (who played at the Royal Wedding party in Hyde Park).
The business is being approached by other bands on a regular basis seeking help with their marketing and show booking. BandBooker Ltd would be the new entity to cater for the demand in this area, allowing us to move into the private and corporate markets rather than the theatre and venue market catered for by ShowBooker.

Monetisation Strategy
There are a variety of earnings possibilities for BandBooker as follows:

Monthly fee structure for web and marketing work

Percentage of booking fees for all bookings received through BandBooker

Ad hoc fees for assisting with specific activities such as design, print and email marketing campaigns

Use of Proceeds
BandBooker would utilise much of the existing policies, procedures and infrastructure already in place for ShowBooker.

Of this initial funding it is anticipated that up to 20,000 will be spent on staff costs in the first year.

The new business will need its own web site - but based fundamentally on the www.show-booker.com (http://www.show-booker.com) site, which we think has worked very well. We anticipate this to cost approximately 5,000.

Advertising spend is anticipated at 25,000 in the first year between online advertising and specific target print in areas such as the wedding market

Market Details
Target Market
There are two particular markets for BandBooker.

Firstly the bands / professional musicians themselves. We believe that these people are frequently unable, due to the odd hours of their lifestyle, to maintain a professional 'front office' through which to interact with booking agents, corporate bookers and members of the public.

We already provide administration services for one such group of bands - this contract will be moved to the new company - and are already in talks with another.

The other markets are the corporate booking and public hire markets, where we could take a percentage of any booking fees.

Characteristics of Target Market
We have learnt a lot about the market over the past 10 months by working closely with one of the main groups of function bands, MIB Music Ltd.

Having done extensive research into the behaviour of some of the leading agencies - we think that they offer little help to the musicians and that we can do much better.

Marketing Strategy
Through ShowBooker, we have already gained a lot of connections and knowledge about the market.

We believe we have good knowledge of the online requirements for marketing the bands, we are already being approached by more bands than we need in the short term - we can be choosy in terms of quality, and we have a database of event companies already in place.

We think that BandBooker will become the new company for promoting bands and musicians outside of the theatre and music venue environment.

Competition Strategy
At the moment we do not believe that any company is out there offering what we are going to do.

There are agencies who attract bookings by providing a web booking facility - and then push everything on to the bands - but there does not appear to be anyone offering a genuine 'helping hand' to the bands themselves.