View Full Version : Domino Street: Mobile App That Supports Buying Local

Manoj Aggarwal
08-28-2012, 11:28 AM
We recently launched Domino Street: An App for your neighborhood. Domino Street is a running stream of pictorial highlights of the happenings in a neighborhood - coming directly from the local businesses (no chains). Gives them a chance to have a way of promoting themselves to the residents of a neighborhood and seeks to level the playing field against chains that offer cheaper and more generic goods/services. At the same time, provides the neighborhood with a powerful way of staying connected to happenings and maintains the culture of the neighborhood.

Check it out here:


Please like and retweet. We're looking to raise money to take us from prototype stage to a scalable platform for national release. Also looking for investors if there are any here.

Domino Street Team