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08-28-2012, 11:44 AM
Hello, my name is Doug Erwin and I have recently started a campaign on Indiegogo for funds to develop a piece of software to help in the marketing process of e-books and specifically on Kindle. Here is the link to my campaign: http://www.indiegogo.com/ebookmarketing?a=1035238

Please visit my blog @ projectebook.wordpress.com (http://projectebook.wordpress.com).

Here is a copy of the video explaining about the project

This is a very big dream for me as being a published Kindle author, I know how hard it is to market books to the point they have sales. It is a 21day process and the first time it took me over 83 hours of work, time I would rather use writing as any author would. With this software I will be able to get the marketing process down by at least 2/3 and probably more with the software populating all necessary forms on all the different sites and pages for you. It will streamline the process of finding people to review your book and creating lists for like books and forums that promote or critique them. It would build Facebook and Twitter pages and all posts would automatically be posted on both formats. Blogs would be created and maintained and Amazon and Google would be getting better placings from all the searches.

I would appreciate any and all help in helping me with this project and making your life richer by finding some of these hidden gems on the Kindle format.