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Dusty A.
08-28-2012, 01:49 PM


RottPro wants to make and release an innovative, smart, and scary Classic Italian Giallo film to release THIS January. The Italian horror film is a dying art form and we're determined to bring it back full throttle. We're bucking the trend by making it the old fashioned way, NO CGI.That's right, all the blood, make-up, creatures and sets will be shot ON SET. When the film is completed we'll start with the local premiere and sceen at film festivals nation wide with a limited video release by RottPro of the film on a special edition DVD, BLU-RAY and VERY LIMITED VHS while seeking wide distribution.

We've set the goal low, but we're here to raise all that we can. For those of you who contribute to making Giallo Girl the best feature film it can be, a heartfelt thank you from myself and our passionate cast and crew.


"Giallo Girl" is the story of 17 year old Claire Wilmenson, a girl stricken with a new, and incurable parasitic virus that threatens all those around her, but for some reason has allowed her to live past it's normal fatality period.

She has been isolated to an indefinite quarantine in her own home, while her family has been relocated, and her friends ostracized to internet only video chats and cell phone texts. Daily visits from her hazmat clad Doctor are the only interactions Claire has an actual human, and even he is only there to study. Claire sees herself no longer as a girl, but an animal, caged and tested upon endlessly. No cure truly seems in sight, and she has started to get SICKER.

Her world soon becomes a fractured mix of reality and terrifying fever dreams.

As Claire's lines of communication are cut off one by one starting with the disappearance of her cell phone and slashing of her Ethernet cables. Claire suspects SOMEONE is in the house despite the quarantine. She can only hope and wait for her Doctor to arrive.

When she witnesses the brutal and elaborate murder of her Doctor at the hands of a gas masked, black gloved KILLER outside her home her world is sent into a faster downward spiral of terror, alienation, and paranoia as her fears are rendered true, But why? Why kill a dying girl?

Is the Killer real, a part of Claire's fevered decaying psyche, or her imminent death personified?

As Claire's fevered world begins to turn on her, AIDING the Killer in a bizarre and twisted series of torments and murders, she is forced to survive the increasing onslaught long enough on borrowed time to find the truth behind the Killer's mask, and perhaps even her sickness itself.


"Giallo Girl" is being shot in High Definition 24p digital in the 2.35:1 aspect ratio. While the films themes are very modern, every effort is being put forth to guarantee the film is as exacting in it's duplication of classic and practical film techniques from the golden era of Italian Giallo films as possible. We love this genre and want to add something new to it, and also directly evoke a different time and place in film that is very special to many fans, including us.The look of the film is to be an "art explosion" of sorts with much effort being forward into every aspect of the stylized world Claire lives in.

We will be taking the following measures in order to make the film as authentic as possible in it's look and feel regarding a bygone era.

There are only three things digital in this film; The camera, the edit, and the technicolor conversion.

The film is being shot in 2.35:1 aspect ratio with all settings exactingly calibrated to match the look of a film shot in technicolor widescreen.

All make-up and creature effects will be shot ON SET. No composites, no digital effects, no CGI of ANY kind.

All lighting and lighting effects, of which there are many, will be shot live ON SET. No post production tampering.

While the film is meant to look EXACTLY like an older Italian film there will not be a "grindhouse" look applied to the film.

The film wil onlyl be processed through a digital version of classic Technicolor process, again to insure the look of the film is accurate.


One of the most important questions is just that. What are we spending this money on? Below is simple list to ensure you that the money is going on screen and nowhere else. This is very much a film created with an eye on it's intricate visual design with most of the money being allotted to that aspect of the film.

I'll start first by telling you where your money ISN'T going and what we've covered already as to keep the budget down and only ask for what we NEED.

Our overhead is small due to the fact that our post production facility is already in place and being done by in house by myself. The post production facility represents thousands of dollars spent and has been responsible for all of the films in my filmography. Having the post production 100% covered from the edit and sound mix, to the final mastering and authoring of the film, allows us to put more money on the screen.

Being shot in a small town has it's advantages. We have the location for FREE. A large and isolated 200 year old home that screams horror and is located on 6 acres of land in Wooster, Ohio. The entire production will be housed here given the nature of the story. Less travel means less money spent.

Our catering has been organized locally. All food for cast and crew is being taken care of by the wonderful donations of restaurants from around the town.

Our wonderful cast and crew have agreed to work on the film at no up front cost in order to get the film made. They will be compensated on a percentage of the films profits. There are many talented people working to make this picture something special, and much bigger looking by making decisions out of their desire to make it happen by taking a leap of faith that the picture will make money, and we believe that it can.

The Camera: After much consideration and research based upon on the needs of the production we have decided upon the powerful, yet affordable, Canon Vixia G10. The camera is a consistently 5 star rated piece of hardware that features the same cmos chip as Canon's pro line. While the camera seems deceptively small it packs a major visual wallop in it's color reproduction, full set of manual controls and customization. The camera features a built in hard drive and two expansion slots. We will be purchasing 2 additional SD memory cards in order to maximize our recording time. Our previous efforts were shot on a similar Sony camera and the final product was every bit as professional as far pricier cameras when properly lit and treated as something shot on real celluloid. We have the utmost confidence that this model can fully realize the film well beyond it's low budget.

Lights and gels. With the film being so dependent on a stylized lighting scheme, one sequence requiring the stylized lighting of an entire overgrown driveway a quarter of a mile long, it's important for us to have the lights we need to create the fever dream look of the film with an array of lights and colors. In order to maximize our budget we will be using an assortment of affordable, but effective lights proven on our past productions, just in greater numbers.

Make-Up and Creature Effects. In a Giallo film the deaths are spectacular, and our set piece death of Claire's doctor's death and another "surprise character" will certainly be no exception. There are also many assorted make-up gags within Claire's mind as well as part of her sickness, including a major set piece where Claire struggles to pry the visual manifestation of the parasite from inside her body. Claire also endures varied and frequent torment and wounds from her battles with the Killer and the house that has revolted against her. The finale of the film also features a fearsome creature that may or may not be in Claire's head as well as an intricate set piece involving the killer.

The "Bowels of the House" set. This is the location of the finale of the film. We will be heavily modifying the existing houses dirt and stone basement into a living nightmare including a large pit and twisting, claustrophobic corridors.exploding mirrors, and other assorted mayhem. This set is planned to be a sensory overload of the final stages of Claire's mental and physical journey.

The costumes. While there are not many costumes we do require the Hazmat suit, the killer's outfit, and 3 costume changes for the lead actress that we will need to double up on in case they are damaged during a stunt our effect. Claire sees allot of bloody torment and action in this film and it's most certainly more safe than sorry.

The gas. I always promise my actors gas. They've been kind enough to not get paid until later, so we always cover their travel. Luckily on this film the cast and crew are VERY small and isolated to ONE location. Our cast and crew all live locally, the furthest travel time will be the lead actress who has 20 minutes to and from set each day.


Thanks everyone for reading and taking the time to take an interest in our picture. We want to make a film that looks like it's much bigger than one could ever expect from it's budget, and I have the utmost faith in our crew that this is more than possible. The raw talent, planning and ingenuity pouring into this project is really something special, I believe that. I hope here on indiegogo.com that we've earned your faith and belief as well. I know we can make an amazing picture, lets do it together shall we?