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08-29-2012, 11:11 AM
MG: First Portable Gaming System for the Android Market
The MG Story: The first ultra-sleek, dedicated portable gaming system designed for the massive Android Freemium app game marketplace.
This project will only be funded if at least $950,000 is pledged by Friday Sep 28, 12:03am EDT


The MG Story

MG is the first of its kind, dedicated portable gaming system that takes advantage of the massive Android app gaming platform with a built in transaction system that can be preset and managed by parents. With its smart ergonomic design, endless amount of games and an affordable price point, with your help it will be the hottest must have gadget this holiday season.

PlayMG is a new start-up, created in July of 2012, with a very simple cause: fuel the "redesign of gaming" and create more play in life. Our team of 9 have been working for the past ~145 days to design and develop the MG Gaming Solution to be ready for the 2012 Holiday selling season. Work on the device itself actually started well before that and we are now on our fourth and final prototype: working on quality assurance testing, and securing all of the final requirements to go into production and hopefully try our idea out in the marketplace against the Big Gaming Players. We can't, however, start the production and marketing of MG without your help and the support of the KickStarter community.
Ultra-Sleek, Big 4" TouchScreen Gaming Device

To start, the MG is an ultra-sleek, pocketable game device with a big 4" touchscreen that will connect you to the Android gaming world via Wi-Fi. We have built it to be affordable for the 63 million kids under 18 years old who are among the heaviest game users. Just think about it, you don't have to worry about the big expense of packaged video games or the monthly data plans that come with smartphones.
Unlimited Freemium App Games


by Rich Greenhill | Plugged In - Wed, April 18, 2012


Like the music business before it, the gaming industry is on the verge of going through a dramatic digital transformation, where emerging digital "app based gaming" is becoming the dominant method of purchasing and playing games. The Android game marketplace has seen explosive growth in the past year. It now has over 60,000 Freemium games and includes all the major game houses, almost every major game franchise, and most importantly an entirely new independent developer community that is creating great new, high quality and entertaining games everyday. Kids and teens have quickly recognized this trend and are enjoying a new way of buying their favorite games, as well as leveling-up with Freemium micro-payments in their games.
Gaming with Personality - The MG Origins Avatar

The MG is all about gaming. So when we thought about the user experience we decided that the MG should be more like a personal companion and developed an Avatar - the birth of the MG Ro.bots. Each MG will have its own Avatar (Ro.bot) and with everything you do on the device you will unfold the Origin Story . . . a place where you unlock upgrades allowing you to create and customize your Ro.bot and accumulate experience points. It's a great compliment to your daily gaming experience and even better starting point for developers to build a suite of games unique to the MG device.
Family Collaboration System

As parents ourselves, we understand that letting your kids explore the internet can be a little scary. We also know that trying to put controls on them and their devices will never work . . . they are too technically sophisticated and will hack their way around them. So we decided to use a "Trust but Verify" approach. We have designed and developed a proprietary notification function called "Remote Trust". The feature allows kids to discover, download, and play the games they want from the app marketplace; but allows parents to set-up and view their kid's activity (downloads, purchases, what they are playing, and even time spent on the MG device) from a distance. Add your email to the system at set-up and then you can receive updates on your computer or smartphone about your child's MG activity.
"DebitSmart" Digital Wallet

While parents and kids alike are enjoying the convenience of buying and downloading apps for just about everything, a new issue has emerged (a classic trait of new techonology: solves one problem, creates another), your kids don't have the credit cards required to make these app transactions. So what to they do? You got it, they load up good size monthly bills on their parent's credit card . . . $.99+ at a time. While we can't announce our full solution and plans just yet; the MG team has been working with several major financial institutions to develop a unique "DebitSmart" digital wallet function. This feature will allow parents to set up a specific reloadable debit account for their children right on the MG device, link it to their credit card or bank account for easy replenishment, and then create "game allowances" that the child can use for all these micro-transactions. No more being bothered every time your child wants to make a $.99 purchase. When the money is gone, you have another discussion with your child and a process for financial management can be created.
More Cool Features

Every once in a great while, the packaging of a new product can be just as cool as the new product itself. MG will be the first to present, and have exclusivity for, a new packaging concept created by our partners at Burgopak USA. It's called The Slider. Words really don't do it just, or the picture below. You will just have to get a MG for yourself to "feel" the experience.